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Spoilers & Preview: SSS Dynazenon Episode 8

SSS Dynazenon
SSS Dynazenon

Yomogi and the crew battle with the new Dyna recently appeared in town; Knight arrives with his partner. He unleashes his powers and stands between Yomogi and his opponent. Yomogi wonders if the guy between them is a Giant Dyna. Knight looks at Yomogi and Gauma, signaling them not to interfere, and he is taking over. He battles with Yomogi’s opponent. Yomogi wonders if the guy is an enemy or not, but they decided to watch the guy taking down their opponent. The red-haired guy Oniga wonders what this new guy is doing to their Dyna. They think that he has allied with Yomogi’s crew.

Shizumu wonders if it is a Kaiju, Juuga, Mujina, and Oniga attacks that guy. Gauma is stunned by that guy’s move and speed. Juuga comments that he can’t control that Dyna. The Dyna attacks with Gridknight Storm hurt Shizumu’s Dyna. Oniga is insisting on beating his opponent, but Mujina told him to let her control the Dyna. Oniga refuses since he can’t accept defeat. The Dyna slams Shizumu’s Dyna, and Juuga told the crew that they can withdraw for now. Oniga insists on fighting, and Mujina said they would take that guy down. Oniga comments that they will beat that guy along with Gauma.

Previously on SSS Dynazenon Episode 7

Shizumu told his crew to retreat for now, and they will get this new Dyna in the future. He reveals that they don’t want to lose this Kaija by destroying that guy along with the Kaiju. Oniga and Mujina agree with Shizumu and decided to retreat. They summon their Dyna back and vanish. Yomogi and his crew are relieved that the new guy saved them since they smashed with the ground. He comments that it is not their enemy. But Koyomu notices that the guy is approaching them at full speed. He warns the crew that the guy is attacking, but it is too late.

The guy sends Yomogi’s crew flying with a single blow. Yomogi comments that he is taking his words back that the guy is not their enemy. Gauma comments that Yomogi asks for it. But he managed to block the second blow using the teeth of the Dyna. The crew wonders why this guy is fighting with them after he fought with Shizumu’s team. The guy glares at them and teleports somewhere. Yomogi thinks that the guy is a coward to retreat before the fight is even over. Gauma notices the guy has transformed back into his human form, walking away from the battle. He realizes that their Dyna got destroyed, and it can’t stand up.

Fixer Beam

SSS Dynazenon

SSS Dynazenon

Yomogi realizes that the guy didn’t want to fight with the destroyed Dyna. Gauma thinks that the crew has entrusted them with this Dynazenon. Koyomu took a ride and heads somewhere. Gauma wonders where Koyomi is going, and he told the team to locate the Kaiju. He told Yomogi and Minami to look from the above, and he looks at the grounds. Gauma thinks they will find that guy and question him about his actions. They both begin with their search, and Gauma dives into the river with Dyna. He realizes that he has to fix the Dyna before they get into a new battle. Minami and Yomogi can’t locate the Kaiju.

Meanwhile, Knight is ridding on his boat with his partner. He told her the results of the battle, and he couldn’t watch his energy. His partner told him that it is okay; they can stay low and keep an eye on things. Chise has already arrived home, and she is busy thinking about the guy with purple hair. Meanwhile, Shizumu’s crew is disappointed that the guy ruined the party for them. They believe they have made me enemies. Juuga comments that it is normal to make new enemies.

Mujina reveals that their Kaiju is strong, and if they play it right, they can win. Later Yomogi and his crew battle with the Shizumu’s crew. Yomogi notices that the Kaiju has returned stronger than before. Knight’s partner told him that she would use Fixer Beam. She helped Yomogi’s Kaiju to heal. They managed to defeat Simuzu’s crew, and Knight offers them a ride. Mujina told Oniga and the rest that they will do better next time. The girl reveals that his partner is Gridknight, and her name is Second. Yomogi’s crew thanks them for saving them.

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 8 Release Date

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 8 will release on Friday, 21 May 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. You can watch SSSS Dynazenon online on Funimation.

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