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Spoilers & Preview: SSSS Dynazenon Episode 10

SSS Dynazenon
SSS Dynazenon

Chise had a nightmare that she thought was real and wondered what is happening. Chise is surprised that everything inside her room has been changed and shrunken. A pet, Kaiju, plays with her and finds that Kaiju is responsible for shrinking her stuff. The Kaiju shrunk her piano, and Chise told Kaiji to turns her stuff back to normal. Kaiju unleashes a colossal beam, and everything turns back to normal. Chise is glad that Kaiju understand her. She started to teach her Kaiju how to behave, and the Kaiju followed everything that Chise said.

Chise realizes that he has to give these Kaiju a name, and she tried to think of a cool name. She saw a poster written Goldburn and comments that Kaiju’s name will be Goldburn. The next day in school, Yomogi’s friends ask Yomogi if he will attend the festival. The girls notice that Yomogi is thinking about something and tries to cheer him. They told him that at the festival there would be fireworks that he doesn’t want to miss.

Previously on SSSS Dynazenon Episode 9

Yomogi read the flyer and found that it is about Uzukigaoka Fireworks Festival. The other girls who are not interested comment that they will busy. Yomogi and his friend comment that they are not going. Minami passed by and heard Yomogi saying he is not going to the upcoming festival. Minami looks at Yomogi and heads to somewhere. Yomogi realizes that the look Minami gave to him is a signal that he must follow her.

Yomogi followed Minami, and she started to talk about the upcoming festival. Minami asks Yomogi if he is not interested in the celebrations. Minami reveals that she wants to go to the festival. Yomogi realizes that he can’t stay if the girl he likes is going to the festival.  He told her that he would convince others to come since they might be bored. Minami is glad that Yomogi has changed his mind about the festival.

Yomogi realizes that everyone has already said they are busy, and he has to convince them for the sake of Minami. Minami looks at Yomogi, who comments that Knight will come. Yomogi promised that he would do his best, and Mimnami left while telling Yomogi to tell her when inviting everyone. Meanwhile, Chise is with Koyomi working something on their computers. Chise asks Koyomi about a peaceful Kaiju. Before he answers, Koyomi receives a call from Yomogi, and they talk about the festival.

Uzukigaoka Fireworks Festival

SSS Dynazenon

SSSS Dynazenon

Koyomi told Yomogi that he would be free, and Chise tried to control Goldburn hiding inside a suitcase. Chise left the room, and Koyomi wanted to say to her about the festival. Later Chise went out with a briefcase that has Goldburn inside and meets with Gauma. Chise asks Gauma about the peaceful Kaiju that understood people and what will happen if it is true. Gauma realizes that they were dealing with a coloring Kaiju earlier. He told Chise that it is impossible to find a peaceful Kaiju.

Chise realizes that the Kaiju she had inside her suitcase is different. Goldburn follows her orders and understands human languages. Gauma explains why they can’t find a peaceful Kaiju. Gauma vows that they have to fight any Kaiju that poses a threat. Chise realizes that no one can go against the words of the captain. She realizes that if she shows Goldburn to Gauma, Gauma won’t spare Goldburn after everything they have witnessed when a normal Kaiju betrays them. Chise can’t believe that Gauma won’t even spare this cute Goldburn.

Gauma comments that they must destroy Kaiju that might end up rampaging. Later, Minami talks with her friends about her sister bullied at her prime. The other guy comments that he has just heard of the girls, but he has never seen her face. In the evening, Gauma and the rest had a battle with a Kaiju and used Super Dragon King Kaiser Gridknight. After defeating the Kaiju, they decided to enjoy the festival and seeing fireworks. Juuga can’t believe that Gauma and his crew have defeated him again.

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 10 Release Date

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 10 will release on Friday, 4 June 2021, at 10:00 PM JST. You can watch SSSS Dynazenon online on Funimation.

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