Stray Kids Saudi Arabian Fans Kidnapping Cases In Riyadh Reported To Be Fake

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Stray Kids

The recent Stray Kids concert in Riyadh brought an unexpected confusion to their fans. Finally, years of waiting finished but, the fans couldn’t meet their beloved idol. The powerhouse kpop group ‘Stray Kids’ was supposed to hold their first-ever in-person concert, after the pandemic, at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. On 12 January 2022, Stray Kids departed from South Korea for their long-awaited show. The idols were as exciting as STAYs were. However, it seems this time destiny was not on their side. 

It revealed that an unexpected sandstorm hit the venue just ahead of Riyadh Season, which is one of the largest music festivals in the country. Due to unavoidable circumstances, Stray Kids had to postpone their concert. The special moment between fans and kpop idols was ruined due to heavy rain and high winds. But then again, there wasn’t anything they could do to undo this crisis. Therefore, with Stray Kids, Chungha’s concert got postponed. Fans were asked to evacuate the venue at the earliest. However, the situation turned more severe when the sudden chaos brought bad news of some fans getting missing. So let’s see what precisely happened in Riyadh that brought several fandoms together on Twitter.

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Stray Kids Postponed Their Concert In Riyadh

Finally, STAYs had a chance to meet their beloved idols at an in-person concert. However, the sudden change of weather brought disaster for the fans as well as the band. On 14 January 2022, the South Korean kpop group ‘Stray Kids’ was scheduled for an in-person concert in Riyadh. After all, one of the largest music festivals was being held, the Riyadh Season. But, due to stormy weather, they had no choice left but postpone the concert. On top of that, it’s regrettable that it was postponed after the stadium was packed up by STAYs.

Stray Kids in Riyadh
Stray Kids

After the concert got postponed, unexpected incidents occurred in Riyadh, leading Stray Kids on the trending list on Twitter. The Twitter trend began to fill with #StrayKids_in_Riyadh. Thus, let’s take a look at what exactly happened on that unfortunate day.

After Concert Was Postponed, Saudi Arabian Fans of Stray Kids Reported To Be Missing

Hearing the bad news of the concert being canceled was not enough when dozens of tweets began to attract other fans’ attention. According to a fan’s discussion at an online forum, we found the missing fans cases. Following the postponed concert, numerous fans began to go missing due to random kidnappings. How bizarre the situation turned over a night!

Stray Kids in Riyadh
STAY Board Statement

Since it was the first in-person concert of Stray Kids after the pandemic, many fans had flown to Riyadh specifically for the concert. After a sudden turn of events, fans tried to return to their home but faced transportation issues. And later, it was reported that many fans went missing. Under the unexpected circumstance, the news broke on Twitter, providing information to the netizens about the different missing people, such as their age, gender, clothing style, and other significant details were shared that could help find those missing fans.

Amid this chaos, several other fandoms such as BLACKPINK, BTS, Treasure, ATEEZ, EXO, and many more lent their hands by spreading the information about the situation. However, the Twitter world didn’t reveal the real status of the state that happened in Riyadh.

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Stray Kids Fans Being Kidnapped Revealed To Be Fake

After several fandoms poured their help, sharing resources and tips that could help those who went missing, Twitter became a space for communication for those who were lost or needed aid. Such a heartwarming scene we don’t get to witness. However, Stray Kids fans’ kidnapping case in Riyadh proved that what we see may not be the whole truth. 

Finally, the real condition came to light hours later. Saudi Arabian fans who were returned safely from the venue revealed that unlike what was circulating on the internet, the actual state was ‘Calm and Safe.’ They even shared numerous videos, revealing the police helping out and protecting fans. STAYs lent their help by organizing buses for many girls to reach home safely. To calm the social media, one of the Saudi Arabian news sites confirmed there were no kidnapping cases. They stated that whoever continues to spread those false rumors will be prosecuted accordingly. Afterward, it was shared those fans who were said to have been missing were found safely, didn’t actually exist in reality, or falsified their situation. 

The chaos after the cancellation of the content caused people to believe their beloved ones were missing or kidnapped. However, thankfully, all STAYs have made it home safe and sound.

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