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Spring Blossom Review: A Simple And Sweet Love Story Between Two Distinct Individuals

Our Thoughts On Spring Blossom
From The Official Trailer Of Spring Blossom Featuring Suzanne Lindon as Suzanne

The 2020 French coming of age drama Spring Blossom made quite a presence felt when it went to a number of film festivals. It still continues to do so bringing in a cute love story. The one we might have heard before, seen before, and saw going down before. But not quite in this way which tends to portray it is okay to be this way no matter what society implies it off. That’s all Spring Blossom about telling the story of two individuals with a 15-year-old age gap. Sick of life, they fall for each other but how their relationship unfolds is something to look at.

Director Suzanne Lindon steps in the film starring the lead character of the same name herself. Joining her is Arnaud Valois, portraying the role of theatre actor Raphael in the lead as well. Spring Blossom so far made its presence felt at Angoulême Film Festival and at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival. Then continued the same at the 51st International Film Festival of India. The movie comes from Avenue B Productions, and here we are with our take on the film.

Spring Blossom Plot Summary

Spring Blossom tells the story of a young 16-year-old Suzzane and 35 years old Raphaël Frei. Both bored out of their regular lives. Suzzane comes from a Parisian family and is living her student life. She does have a lot of friends, but at the same time, she is more mature. Thus making her more distinct and bored off hanging out with the friends. The ones who talk about the same old immature stuff time and again. Raphael Frei, on the other hand, is a theatre actor working at a local theatre. Even he is bored with his life looking for something more.

The Plot For Spring Blossom

From The Official Trailer OF Spring Blossom Featuring Suzanne Lindon as Suzanne and Arnaud Valois as Raphaël Frei

Suzanne and Rafael’s paths cross when Suzzanne regularly takes the notice of the theatre every day on her way to school. They get along with their dissatisfaction about life. Plus, the thought of nothing to do with life. Thus hanging out and eventually falling for each other. Later Suzanne’s more mature traits and Rafael’s immature traits come into play. Rafael still likes to be more of a kid. In turn, it also brings us questions for Suzanne. Such as she is supposed to be living life at the fullest at the age of 16, The ones her friends are doing which she doesn’t opt to, and is it worth it to waste those days just like that.

Spring Blossom Review

Review THe Story of Spring Blososm

From The Official Trailer OF Spring Blossom Featuring Suzanne Lindon as Suzanne and Arnaud Valois as Raphaël Frei

Well, we can’t help but admit the plot here is not much of something unique. We do have seen this fairytale fold before right. Spring Blossom is more of the same countering the age-old question of the age difference between two lovers. The movie clearly implies how the relationship mends between two individuals ignoring the age element. It’s more of a simple and sweet less cliched story of two individuals finding themselves amusing amidst the boring world around them. Thus, also ignoring any kind of sexual tensions, which is a question to be asked. But Suzanne herself sees Raphael as an adult. We see the relationship blooming more upon their likes and dislikes. More of a teenage tale itself. Folks at BulletNews ranked this movie as 8/10, a masterpiece.

Reviewing The Performances Of Spring Blossom

From The Official Trailer OF Spring Blossom Featuring Suzanne Lindon as Suzanne and Arnaud Valois as Raphaël Frei

Furthermore, if we even talk about the age issue, it won’t even come up when we see the actors perform together. Suzanne Lindon as Suzanne and Arnaud Valois as Raphaël Frei go quite hand in hand for sure. The performances are quite simple and sweet. The musicals go great in order. The problem comes when we put them apart from each other. Suzanne hardly feels like a 16-year-old teenager in the film sometimes. She is quite an adult in her 20s. We kind of don’t see her fit in the teenage dynamic. Plus, she is portrayed in such a mature way which is often mentioned in the film. That’s another thing to look at.

Still, the 20-year-old actress/director did her best to fill in the shoe of sixteen years old. She made the story look like her owns for sure. There are a number of questions raised in the Spring Blossom revolving around how these age- relationship dynamics work. The movie kind of ignores those notions most of the time stating age gaps never matter in a relationship with someone portraying a beautiful one in turn. It’s all about how good they are together.

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