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Spoilers: Love Island Season 7 Episode 47

Spoilers For Love Island Season 7 Episode 47
From Love Island Season 7 Episode 46 Featuring Kaz and Tyler

Love Island Season 7 Episode 47 finally changed the look for one couple for sure. The arrival of two new islanders has really been a buzz for the season. Priya Gopaldas and Aaron Simpson had really turned the eyeballs around. While Aaron made his impact on the very first day of his arrival, Priya took her time sort things out. So the recoupling things saw one boy walking out. Things were not at all only sad because the recoupling decision might have worked great. Furthermore, Tyler made a move leaving someone stunned and happier than ever/

Recently on the show, post the recoupling when everything was getting back together. Tyler decided to move a step further than others. He designed what seemed like a fun maze for Kaz. All this to ask her one important question that may make them distinct from the other couples. Also, Priya and her new recoupled partner spend their first night together while Kaz and Tyler spend the night at someplace special. Who did Priya recouple with? and what question did Tyler pop? Let’s find out.

Love Island Season 7 Episode 46 Recap

Previously on Love Island, Priya had a choice to recouple with Matt or Brett. She went on to choose Brett leaving Matt to bid adieu to the island. Things were just getting heated until Tyler decided to bank on for tonight. With a little help from Liam and Jake, he designed one of the cutest treasure hunts for Kaz. She followed it in with beautiful text messages on different phones placed at their memorable locations on the island. Eventually, it led Kaz to Tyler holding towels which asked “shall we be exclusive?”Kaz said yes and now she and Tyler were exclusive.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Love Island Season 7 Episode 47

The next text message hit informed islanders about the Hideaway opening and asking them to choose one couple that will spend the night there. It was obvious they were gonna give it to the newly formed exclusive couple Kaz and Tyler. The couple enjoyed the night of their life. The next day Priya and Brett shared their first day together with the rest of the group. At the moment Priya feels just like high school love.

The next coming text sees the islanders going to get each other’s hearts racing in girls vs boys competition. Everyone is required to show their absolute best moves possible. Every girl comes up with moves and beautiful costume choices of their own that range from cowboy, to comic book characters like Mera and various dream professions.

The Ending Love Island Season 7 Episode 47

From Love Island Season 7 Episode 46

Same for the boys turn as they choose the country boy persona to basketball player to a superhero. Everyone had the time of their lives and now it was time to reveal who raised who’s a heartbeat. Some were expected from the couple’s side while some were really unexpected as it closed the episode for tonight.

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Love Island Season 7 Episode 47 Release Date and Spoilers

Love Island Season 7 Episode 47 is releasing on the 13th of August 2021 and will air on iTV2 at 9 Pm BST. Expect a new episode every day following the 47th for Love Island Season 7 until it wraps up. You can also stream Love Island Season 7 Episode 47 on ITV’s official platform ITV Hub, and Hulu as well. Check out the official trailer of the show and predictions for Love Island Season 7 Episode 47.

So far so good, the previous episode was quite unfilled, warm, and romantic but as the show is coming closer to the end. Expect things to spice up and some couples are not on exactly the right spot at the moment. Towards the end of the previous episode, we saw a little fall between the couple Jake and Liberty.

So we can expect them to have a chance to recouple at the recoupling. Unless there is a new task or twist that may come walking from that door and see one of them or both of them getting eliminated at the next voted out if they don’t stay strong together. Apart from that, for the wildcard Priya, she still needs to catch up even if she has just started to get to know her partner Brett. Things are just building up for them and they need to secure their place moving on.

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