[Spoiler] Might Die In The Tournament Of Power

The recent episodes of Dragon Ball Super were so intense, with Kefla and Goku trying to improve each other and beat each other at the same time. In the end, it was the Universe 7 Saiyan with the Ultra Instinct that made Kefla say “Bwaahh” before she falls in the Tournament stage. That was quite a battle, and it was great while it lasts.

The elimination of Kefla is one good news for the Universe 7. With Kefla gone, their chances of winning are greater than ever. One good thing about Universe 7 is that almost all their warriors are in full stamina, especially Frieza who managed to avoid trouble since the beginning. Maybe it is because Frieza is the trouble, but that is another story.

One thing that is worrying (and excites) fans is the use of Ultra Instinct. Out of all Goku’s transformation, it is one of the coolest and most appealing in the eye. But out of all of Goku’s transformation, this is the one that drains stamina. It drains stamina more than Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken on top.

There is a big chance that Goku will use this form again during his second round against Jiren. No other form could beat Jiren but UI. One thing that keeps bugging me is that while Jiiren is in his top form, Goku was barely walking after his fight against Kefla. Goku is only hanging on a small amount of energy. I wonder if he can even fight against Catopesla at this point.

And as seen before in Master Roshi’s case, less stamina means more prone to death. He almost died after giving his all in one final Kamehameha. Master Roshi is now way weaker than Goku, but it is still worthy to note that Goku is still a human. Once he has no stamina or energy left, he would be a dead meat.

The question is, will Goku die in the Tournament of Power? It is possible that Goku might die during his usage of the Ultra Instinct. He was out of stamina for the second time and Jiren got his rest from his medication. But who knows? Maybe that magic that the less orange fabric that will be left to Goku’s clothes, the more powerful he’ll become. I just hope that he will win against Jiren before he will lose all his energy.


Dragon Ball Super Manga Reveals One Way Jiren Can Be ‘Defeated’

Jiren is the strongest fighter present in the Tournament of Power right now, and there is no one aside from Goku, who can even prove to be a challenge to him. We already saw Goku fight him in Ultra Instinct during the One Hour Special, and even though Goku did put up a good fight, we don’t even know if Jiren was using his full power.

He even took down Hit, and eliminate him, despite some saying that Hit used a Shadow clone, and is actually still in the Tournament (guys, he’s out). Jiren then went on to meditate, because there was nobody worth his time in the Tournament of Power anymore. But, now that Goku awakened Ultra Instinct yet again, he is back in action. However, it will take Goku some time to get back to full power, and be able to fight Jiren.

The worrying part is that there are only 17 minutes left in the Tournament of Power. I don’t know if Goku can heal to full power without someone healing him. Aside from Goku, there are others who can fight Jiren as well. We have Vegeta as a prime candidate, but we saw what Jiren did yo Blue, and I don’t really think he can pull it off.

Vegeta might get Ultra Instinct, and maybe that’ll help him fight Jiren, but even then, will Jiren be defeated? I highly doubt so. So, if Jiren cannot be defeated, and he cannot be eliminated, how does he lose? Well, the latest Dragon Ball Super Manga does reveal an interesting way Jiren can be dealt with. According to Dragon Ball Super manga 30, Jiren’s main priority is….



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