[Spoiler] Confirmed To Be The Next Universe Erased On Tournament Of Power


The elimination of Universes in the Tournament of Power is unavoidable. It is expected that there will only be one Universe to stand in the top after the Tournament. There are two universes already erased and some of the universes remaining only has two or three warriors left. And with the remaining time being 15 minutes, it is expected that the Tournament of Power is knocking on the finish line.

The next universe that has a higher chance of getting eliminated as we know now is the Universe 6 and Universe 2. Fans would love to see Universe 2 saying goodbye because, well, Ribrianne and all her love speeches. But fans will have a second thought about eliminating Universe 6. Why? Because some of their characters managed to take the heart of DBS fans.

If you’re a Universe 6 fan, you might want to brace yourself, because according to Todd Blakenship, the next episode that will be erased is Universe 6. It is one of the hardest things to do, but we must bid farewell to Hit and Vegeta’s rematch. We must also forget Cabba’s promise to Vegeta to take him to Planet Salad. And last but not the least, we must accept the fact that Dr. Rota’s hidden ability will never be revealed.

It was not really revealed how the two Namekians will get eliminated, but it might be Piccolo and Gohan who will eliminate them. According to Todd Blakenship, Universe 6 is likely to get eliminated on episode 118, where the battle between the Universe 6 and 7 Namekians will happen.On episode 119, hidden warriors from Universe 4 will start their attack and they will be targetting the very weakened Goku.

This will have a big effect on Beerus, seeing his twin being erased out of existence by the Zeno-samas. Vegeta will get more serious now because once he wins the Super Dragon Balls, he will have the power to revive Universe 6 and meet the Saiyan King there. Goku, who became fond of Universe 6 Saiyans, will definitely have a brief heartbreak moment because his students are gone.

We can’t really see what will happen next after this. If Universe 4 will manage to eliminate some Universe 7 warriors, this is a big problem for all. Mainly because Universe 4 has schemer abilities and our Universe 7 bunch are rather straightforward folks.