Spider-Man: No Way Home: The New Spider-Man Suits

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The New Suits Revealed For Spider-Man No Way Home And What Do They Mean
From Spider-Man: Far From Home

Okay, Spider-Man: No Way Home and other big-budgeted Marvel movies might have taken a back seat. But not among the toys and merchandise producers. As we know our web-slinging hero was hoping to arrive in July this year but with many complications of the last year decided to push himself to December. The toys and merchandise producers on the other hand decided to stay true to the schedule and have officially released everything related to the movie. This in a way hints a little about the movie’s plot and what new Spider-Man suits Peter will be sporting in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

So, here we are breaking down all we know about these Spider-Man Suits. Plus, taking cues from here and there of the Marvel history. We will break down what these suits might mean for our web-slinging hero and the plot of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Because we do have some interesting additions. There is a special suit designed to beat a specific villain, there is some magic joining, all hail to Doctor Strange, and some classic teases. Furthermore, some interesting things returning to MCU. So with no further adieu, let’s begin.

Spider-Man: No Way Home New Suits And Additions

Before we get into the Spider-Man suits, let’s talk about the notable changes we will get with the other characters first. For example, there is a big sanctum in one of the toys we see some of the great action happening. Doctor Strange is obviously one of the main characters and we are bound to see action much similar to the one we saw in his titular film with a scene in the Sanctum.

Spider-Man No Way Hom Lego Toys Of Sanctum
The New Marvel Studios Spider-Man: No Way Home Lego Toys

Doctor Strange and Wong on the other hand are seen wearing casual costumes for fun probably. Lastly, the eye of Agomotto is back which means it might still be effective even with Time Stone gone or Doctor Strange might be guarding something more powerful this time. Also note, we do see Vulture and Mysterio making an appearance but the existence of Sinister Six in the movie is still a question. Plus these re-designed toys might just be a homage to them for previous movies.

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The New Spider-Man Suits In Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Black And Gold Suit

The first and most eye-catching Spider-Man toy among the new No Way Home set. The Spider-Man’s Black and Gold suit. Right now everyone is calling it that. The reason is to differentiate it from the Venom suit, the alien costume or the symbiote suit, or whatever you want to call it. The new Black and Gold suit of Spider-Man: No Way Home has nothing to do with Venom. That’s for sure. The name for the suit also differentiates it from another one of Spider-Man’s suits from the comics which he wore post the Venom storylines. That was a cloth Black and is popular referred to as the Black costume.

The New Black And Gold Suit In Spider-man No Way Home
The New Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man No Way Home Toys Featuring Spider-Man In A Black And Gold Suit

Now coming back to the new Black and Gold costume we might have in the Spider-Man: No Way Home. Well, it’s actually Black but we have golden highlighted webs all over it. Furthermore, what we get from the designs of this suit is that it is more technologically advanced in nature. Probably an upgraded Iron Man-kind off a suit like the Iron Spider.

Now the same costume in turn reminds us of Spider-Man Mark II from the PS4 game. The one Peter got after losing his spider-sense for a while. It does have the same colors and is an anti-shock costume that can be used against villains like Electro. That might be one clue that yes the Black and Gold Suit is itself a redesign of the same one. So that Spider-man can go toe-to-toe with Electro who is in fact part of the movie. Furthermore, Spider-Man is coming up with new suits for each enemy preferred if we look at previous movies. Plus one of the lego toys sees Spider-Man shoot gold webbing which we would have to see into the movie if it’s true.

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The Integrated Suit (The One With Doctor Strange’s Magic)

At first, this Integrated Suit may look like just a new version of Infinity War’s Iron-Spider suit. You are right but there is one thing special about it. We will get to that, but first of all, let’s acknowledge that the new Integrated suit of Spider-Man: No Way Home may come from many of the re-worked versions of Infinity War suits. Before Marvel Studios came up to the original one we saw in the movie. The difference in design probably is the heavily highlight golden colors. Now the thing that makes it special is one of the Funk0 toys sees Spider-Man using Magic through this suit.

Yes, it seems like Spider-Man No Way Home at some point in the movie may see Doctor Strange giving away Peter some sorcery skills to use. He may integrate his magic with the suit. This way Peter might not have to speak or remember the spell at the time. The spells would be recorded and automated into the suit. These are the cues from the deleted Infinity War scenes where Tony and Doctor Strange swapped suits for some time being. Furthermore also from a “What If” event where Tony actually automated Doctor Strange’s Magic into one of his suits.

The New Integrated Suit Of Spider-man No Way Home
The New Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man No Way Home Toys Featuring Spider-Man In A New Integrated Suit With Doctor Strange’s Magic

The Upgraded Suit

Well, this suit is probably the one most appeared in behind-the-scenes leaks of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The upgraded suit seems like the same one that appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home. But the visually only thing it differentiates is the black stripe around the waist. Apart from that, nothing much has been revealed about the suit. It might just be the re-work of the same suit with Parker adding some new things to it. Thus making it stronger and technologically advanced than it was in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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The New Upgraded Suit Of Spider-Man No Way Home
From Behind The Scenes Leaks of Spider-Man No Way Home

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