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Spider-Man: No Way Home: New Powers That Peter May Inherit!

New Powers For Peter In Spider-Man No Way Home
From Spider-Man: Far From Home Featuring Tom Holland

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a few months away, and we are already having the taste of new powers Peter may bring in. To be very honest, for a film hyped up to such an extent, the release date is still dark despite being confirmed. Even now, we don’t have a trailer yet. Even if Marvel wants to delay things a bit considering their profit and the level of entertainment they want to deliver their fans. The other department of this world is not backing down. Last time in July, we had merchandise and toys released revealing the suits of Spider-Man in the coming third installment. Now similarly, promotional art and poster clearly show the new powers Peter may inherit in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

So while we already have analyzed the merchandise and toys in the past. Now let’s also take a look at the promotional art and poster as well. Plus, what do these tell us about the movie and the new powers of Spider-Man? At least until we really get a trailer that can actually give us an insight. We are also gonna analyze cues and references from the past of MCU as well that have any resemblance with what these new posters say and break it down for you.

Spider-Man: No Way Home – New Powers

So the first promotional art we are looking at sees Peter sporting the Black and gold suit. Yes, it’s the same black and golden that has a little resemblance to Spider-Man Mark II from the PS4 suit. Also, it’s the same that the merchandise revealed way back in July is carrying it. The artwork shouts out,” Science + Magic = Awesome”. So we do have a slight idea where we are going.  At least that’s what the first promotional art suggests, while the second tells more about the same thing. Let’s take a look at that as well.

The second seems like a promotional poster with Spider-Man delivering his iconic posing shouting  “Magic with Thwip”. The same poster sees one of Doctor Strange’s Magic Portals appear behind Spidey. Talking about his powers, both posters see the web-slinger shooting his webs as usual. But this time, those webs slightly carry the magic. At least that’s what can be seen. While it seems like it is all about the suit but it isn’t. It may be about Peter learning magic or probably infusing magic into his web-shooters created by Stark. This comes from the fact that there was another suit revealed in the merchandise last July that seems to carry the same powers as well. Also, the name as well. We are talking about the suit that slightly resembles the Iron-Spider. Let’s talk about it as well.

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The Integrated Suit Of Spider-Man

Last July, apart from the black and gold suit which at the moment sees Spider-Man shooting magic webs in posters, there was another suit. The one which looks very much like the Iron-Spider was referred to as an Integrated suit with Doctor Strange’s Magic. This suit might be one of the original Iron-Spider suits reworks until the Infinity War version was selected. The only difference is the golden spider on the chest and, of course, the magic.

The New Integrated Suit May Allow Magical Powers To Peter In Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Merchandise Of Spider-Man: No Way Home Featuring The Integrated Suit

In this Integrated suit here, it seems to show Spider-Man completely having the control of powers similar to that of strange. We can here assume that the web-shooters Peter is using might be his beginnings of using magic with science and technology. Once he starts fitting in with the works, he may infuse it completely into one of the suits. We believe it would be Peter’s brain. He was always was a brilliant student, after all, and Doctor Strange’s magic combining into technology. Henceforth it’s Science + Magic.

For the fun side of things, Peter could program spells into the suit instead of remembering them. This way, not being a complete sorcerer won’t be a problem during battles. The phrase is kind of a throwback to 2011’s Thor as well. At least for some part of it. We remember Thor explaining Asgard to Jane. At that time, he referred to Magic and Science as the same thing that powers Asgard. We could say for Midgard, and this would be the beginnings of the same. So at the end of the day, it would be worth taking a look at how Peter actually works out these powers and infuse them into the suit that would prove useful during the multiverse.

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