Spencer Elden Net Worth: How Much Is The Model Worth?

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Spencer Elden
Spencer Elden

Just be sure everyone knows Spencer Alden, who is just 4 months old to be on the cover page of Nirvana rock band. But do you know how much Spencer Elden’s net worth is? Well, if you do not know, then we have prepared today’s article for you, in which you will know what Spencer Elden’s net worth, his personal life, and many things are.

Spencer Elden was born on 7 February 1991 in Los Angeles, United States. His father’s name is Rick  Elden, who is an entrepreneur. He is popular for his underwater photoshoot at the age of just 4 months. This photoshoot was for the cover page of the American rock band Nirvana. The name of the cover page is Nevermind, in which his nude photo is printed. The photo was taken by a family friend, and his parents were only given $200 for the picture. Now he is an artist and model. And also skilled in painting. He has made many paintings and has also worked on several modeling assignments. He did his schooling at a local school in his hometown and took admission to ArtCenter College of Design, keeping his interest in designing.

Currently, he is involved in the news for her underwater photoshoot lawsuit. He says that the photoshoot caused him a lot of suffering, due to which he has been given lifelong damages. This thing had an effect on his artwork which gave him a lot of stress. This thing had a bad effect on his studies, development, and feelings.

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 Net Worth Of Spencer Elden

Spencer Elden has an estimated net worth of $50,000. His parents got $200 for his childhood photoshoot in which he came out on the cover of the famous band Nirvana. Whereas in 2016, on the 25th Anniversary of the Album, he was given $1000 to recreate the same post. He is popular for his arts and modeling in America. He has also worked with many popular artists, including Shepard Fairley. His earning from arts results as an additional amount to his net worth.

Elden’s cover photo has sold 30 million copies worldwide. This cover was a huge success worldwide. And now Spencer has asked for $150,000 compensation for this post. He has issued a lawsuit against every single member of Nirvana because all the parties together have sold and used nude images of him. According to his parents, they were not aware that the photo would be done to him on such a large scale. And it was told to them that his naked part in that photo would probably be blur or hidden in some way. And they also claim that they did not sign any authorization for the release of the photo.

Spencer Elden Net Worth
Spencer Elden Net Worth

Spencer has made allegations of sexual exploitation. Saying that image is pornographic, and it hurts me a lot. Post has earned millions, and he also deserves some amount from it.

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Personal Life & Career

After attending the ArtCenter College of Design in California, Spencer expanded his career in the field. He is a professional artist and has made some great paintings. He focuses a lot on your career in art. Spencer shared his beautiful painting designs on his social media account.

He was a model from his childhood and recreated the same childhood picture at the age of 17. And in 2016, he recreated the album on the 25th anniversary, for which he received $ 1000. Elden has got the elements of Nevermind done on his body. He has modeled for many brands and agencies. And in the same way, he also takes care of his modeling career.

Spencer Elden Net Worth
Spencer Elden Arts

Talking about his personal life,  he did not say anything publicly about his personal life. But he has usually seen doing many posts on his social media with a girl. From which it can be concluded that both of them are in a relationship with each other. he has mentioned her name several times in his posts. He has posted many pictures with her in which he is seen traveling and enjoying with her.

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