Sony’s Venom To Be Followed by Morbius, The Vampire

If you liked Venom which released a couple of days ago and is hungry for more Spiderman villains standalone movies, you are in for a treat. Sony and Marvel have come together to create a franchise on Spiderman rogues gallery.

Since Marvel launched a reboot of the Spiderman franchise, Sony it seems has sought to create its own version of Spiderverse which will revolve around the villains from Spiderverse some of whom are as famous as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger! Sony’s version will have darker undertones.

Sony's Venom to be Followed by Morbius, The Vampire

And on top of all this, there is a possibility of a crossover with the MCU version of Spiderman. Perhaps we will get to witness some Avengers in those tie-ups as well. It would be like a dream come true for any Marvel fan.

According to the reports, Sony’s next Spiderverse venture is based on Morbius, a vampire. Sony has said that the lead role will be played by Jared Leto. It is about a biochemist whose attempts to cure himself of a rare blood disorder don’t go as planned (Surprise! Surprise!), and he turns into a Vampire. As you might have guessed, like Venom, he is also an anti-hero who sometimes teams up with Spiderman’s villains for their help in treating his disorder.

Here is a fun fact, Morbius won the Nobel Prize for medicine before he turned into a vampire. A certified evil genius. And of course, an Overachiever!

The character was created in the 1970’s. It will be interesting to know for the fans that before that period, Comics Code Authority had forbidden any portrayal of Vampires in the comics.

Sony's Venom to be Followed by Morbius, The Vampire
The Vampire!

Also, it remains to be seen if Spiderman makes his much-awaited appearance in this movie and what would be the role of Venom in this movie if any at all. The film will be directed by Daniel Espinosa, and the script will be written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless who are known for Gods of Egypt. Production will start in November. It seems highly likely that if things go according to the plan, the movie will release in 2019.

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