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Sonny Boy Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Sonny Boy

The story of students in a mysterious world begins with Sonny Boy Episode 9 with  Nagara, Mizuho, and the talking dog; Gen went to the camp, and Gen opens up about his past. Mizuho wanted to teach Gen more stuff about being a natural stray dog. Gen refused and told Mizuho that he was once a human. Gen wonders why Noomi didn’t come with them. Mizuho reveals that Nozomi might have spat with someone and asks if Gen can tell that story. Gen decided to reveal what made him turn into a dog. Five thousand years ago, Gen was a terry ill-natured young man.

But there was someone nice enough to him her smile. The girls passed an extraordinary power, and it was a power to direct all things. The girl was the hope of all others, and everyone trusted her to make their choice. The girl was everyone one’s whole world, and Gen and other students rely on her. They were one all humans until a mysterious incident happened that caused them to turn into different creatures. Gen adds that their time of happiness didn’t last long. An epidemic hit them out of nowhere.

Lesions became tumors, and they swelled ever larger daily. That girl couldn’t heal them using her powers, and everyone suffered. She used to call Gen Yamabiko, and one day, her health condition deteriorates. The girl looks at Gen, asking him how she looks, and he must tell her the truth. Gen notices that the red spot has grown on her face, and the girl thinks she is looking terrible. Gen said to her that her hair looks so clear, and she reminds him of snow.

Previously on Sonny Boy Episode 8

The girl told him to tell her more, and Gen adds that her lips are as blue as the sky. Her eyes project even more kindness than they did before. Gen look close to her and told her not to close her eyes. He wanted to propose to her. Gen realizes that he was ready to do anything for her, but nothing he could do at that time. He turned into a dog when he touched her since her illness causes people to turn into different beings. Gen didn’t care about how the girl is and realizes that she never gives up, and he didn’t give up on her.

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy

The girl fought the epidemic, believing that she could save everyone in her era. But as the day passes, he begins to feel shy to look at the girl. Mizuho and Nagara realize that Gen liked the girl, and he loves her wholeheartedly. Gen adds that the girl was far brilliant for him to look at her. One day she helped Gen turn into a human again, but it was for few weeks before she meets her end. The tumors begin to spread all over everyone’s body, and they stayed inside the hospital for a long time.

Their appearance changed, and they begin to resemble the monster. But they had hope that someone will save them. Gen spent many days feeling lonely with sadness and never had joy until the girl came into his life. When she saved him on the day of a new moon, she told him that she is Kodama. Gen lost her when she died and got teleported to this new world. He also told Nagara and Mizuho about everything he experienced before meeting with them.

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy Episode 9 Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 9 will be on Friday, 9 September 2021, at 12:30 AM. You can get the new show of this anime early every week by converting that time using the time in your region. You can look at the Sonny Boy official news and other details below.

Where To Watch Sonny Boy Episode 9

You can watch Sonny Boy Episode 9 online on Funimation and other official sites. The latest details of Sonny Boy and new episodes are available online with English subtitles. You can visit the official platforms to learn more about this anime.

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