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Spoilers & Preview: Sonny Boy Episode 2

Sonny Boy

The students fight with mysterious incidents in Sonny Boy. Let’s find what the recent episode of Sonny Boy has to offer. The episode begins with a boy name Nagara lying on the floor of the classroom. Nozomi confronts the boy and picks up the feather on top of his head. Nozomi wonders if Nagara enjoys lying on the floor, and Nagara replies that it is funny. The two heard a window breaking, and Nozomi notices that boys with superpowers are playing soccer. Nozomi asks Nagara about the superpowers, and Nagara replies that the world would have been different if he has superpowers.

Nozomi told Nagara that things are disappearing and wonders if they live in utopia or hell. Nagara went to the restroom and met with the student council members. The boys take about the incidents happening around the school and decided that they have to call a meeting and discuss the new rules for the New World. Later Nozomi gets bored and told Nagara that she does not like making friends, and Nagara replies that he is not interested in making new friends.

Nozomi wishes they could get special powers and notice a pitch-black sky, wondering if it is the school or the disappearing city.  Nagara wonders what Nozomi is looking at since he can’t see anything. Later the students got summoned by the student council members. During the meeting, the president reveals that things have changed ever since seven days, and the darkness has surrounded the school rejects outcoming and incoming communications.

Previously on Sonny Boy Episode 1

The student council member reveals that students have acquired new superpowers, but they are using that to destroy the school due to rampaging. They hope that someone from the other side will come and rescue them from this darkness. They decided to share duties until someone comes to help them. The students realize that ith is only 36 of them, and they need to get a new leader and live by new rules in this world. They voted and chose Cap as their new leader, and Cap thought they would select president Machi.

They assure that Cap is the only one who can lead them. Meanwhile, Hayato communicated with Nagara and told him about everything that is happening. Nagara finds it surprising that they have a new president, and they are living by new rules. Nozomi is not aware of the recent changes in the school. Asakaze told the other students that he can’t use his superpowers and thinks that the student council has no powers. Machi mocks Asakaze, who ends up gaining powers and destroy the window.

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy

New World

Cap heard about the and called Asakaze and give him punishment for doing long math divisions. The student council members meet with Nozomi and find that she has no cellphone, and Cap decided to provide her with one to communicate in a time of need. Nozomi is not interested in the student council and their rules and told them she doesn’t want a cellphone. Nozomi picked up the cellphone and smashed it on the ground as she walks away. Machi told Cap about punishing Nozomi.

Cap punished Nozomi and told her to do 100 laps around the school. Meanwhile, a student is trying to solve the incidents of darkness but can’t find anything. The boy reveals that if they break their arms, they will never heal or grow. Earlier before the mysterious incidents, Nagara talked with the teacher and went to the roof. He saw Nozomi tearing a textbook, and when he tried to leave, a storm begins. Asakazi and the rest of the students decided to lead the school.

The students use their powers to restrain the student council, but Machi manages to swap objects and free the student council along with herself. Cap punished the students trying to take over the school. The students use magical powers to scare Asakaza, who begins to cooperate. Nagara and Nozomi find a feather that looks like a bird, but the feather flies to another world. Nagara told Nozomi that he wants to go to the other side, and Nozomi begins running, but Nagara tries to catch her, and they see the school surrounded by water.

Sonny Boy Episode 2 Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 2 release date is 23 July 2021. You can watch Sonny Boy online on Funimation, Ani-One Asia,
and ANIPLUS. You can look at This Week In Anime: Summer 2021 Season Starts.

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