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What To Expect From Sonny Boy Episode 1?

Sonny Boy

It is a regular summer vacation where Nagara’s high school has mysteriously get sent into another dimension. The students around the school begin to gain new mysterious powers and trying to survive in the alien environment. The students tried to find their way home. But things changed as they become rivals and each others’ enemies. Sonny Boy follows the story of a young student who is doing his third year in middle school. The mysterious student Nagara and Nozomi and other students such as Mizuho and Akaze drifted into another dimension.

Nagara also feels bored with the place around him and thinks of giving up on life. Nagara also faces trouble when talking with family members and other students at school. They know that he is short-tempered and has a cold attitude. The anime includes Nagara, Nozomi, Mizuho, Asakaze, Rajdhani, Pony, Cap, Hayato, and Shanghai. Mizuho is a young girl with long black hair doing third at high school. She loves to carry a tote bag and three cats named Tora, Gen, and Sakura. The three cats are Mizuho’s grandmother’s treasured possessions.

Mizuho is an honest girl with a fast-paced mood personality. She loves to spend time alone without getting involved get involved with the people around her. Mizuho has a strange ability called  “Nyamazon,” which makes cats bring her everything she wants. Nozomi is a newly transferred student who returned from Berlin. Nagara saw her on the first day of school and wonders why she is tearing a textbook sitting on a rooftop. Nozomi is a strong girl ready to face any difficulties. The girl gain the powers called a “compass” that gives the ability to see the light and locations.  The upcoming episode title is ”Island at the End of Summer.”

Sonny Boy Summary

It was a typical day like others days when the students enjoy their daily school life, but they got supprised when strange incidents begin. The students got teleport to another world that they have never seen before. Life became challenging for the student until they discovered that they have new magical powers and use those powers to survive in this world. They begin to fight against the alien race and other mysterious creatures around the new world. In this new world, life is about the survival of the fittest.

Nagara, Nozomi, Mizuho, Asakaze, Rajdhani, Pony, Cap, Hayato, and Shanghai team up to fight against the monsters; they decided to defend humanity from getting eliminated in this world. The students fight the way to reach the path that will lead them home in the real world. The war between the human race and the alien race has begun. The students consist of 36 boys and girls fighting against the monsters. Later the students realize that they are in Utopia, but some feel like they are inside a hell.

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy


Before the mysterious incident, Nozomi met Nagara relaxing and the floor. Here, she noticed that he has a feather on his head. Nozomi removes the feather and wonders if Nagara enjoys relaxing on the door, and the window of the classroom breaks after a ball hits it. The two notice that it is the boys who are playing soccer using their superpowers. Nozomi wonders if Nagara has superpowers; Nagara replies life would have been different if he has superpowers. Nozomi notices that everything has vanished except for their school.

They both wonder if this is Utopia or help, and Nagara went to the restroom and hear the student council members saying that everything has returned to normal. The boys talked about the superpowers and the rulers of the  “New World.” Nozomi gets bored since she can only speak with Nagara since she is not interested in new faces. Nagara told Nozomi that he won’t make friends now. Nozomi saw the pitch-black sky with a shining light, but Nagara can’t see anything. The students receive messages from the student council. They realize that they have spent seven days surrounded by darkness and can’t communicate during the meeting.

Some of the students are rampaging with superpowers, and they are destroying the school. But someone like a hero will come to their rescue and decided that they must get a new leader from 36 of them and make rules for this world. Cap became the new leader, but he thought Machi is a suitable candidate. Hayato talks with Nagara and the new authorities of this world. Meanwhile, Asakaze breaks the window using his powers, and Cap punishes Asakaze to keep doing long math divisions. The school got surrounded by water, and an island as the students witnessed everything inside the classroom.

Sonny Boy Episode 1 Release Date

Sonny Boy Episode 1 release date is 16 July 2021. You can watch Sonny Boy online on Funimation.

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