Song Joong Ki Reveals Lee Junho’s Driving Skills At His Fan Meeting

Song Joong Ki Reveals Lee Junho's Driving Skills
Song Joong Ki Reveals Lee Junho's Driving Skills

Recently, Lee Junho, a member of the popular K-pop idol group, 2PM had his first fan meeting, ‘Junho The Moment’, which was an offline event in Seoul, after the three years of his military service. The group had taken a hiatus in the year 2017 because of official mandatory military service. And in the year 2021, they made a comeback with the album, Must, following the discharge of the members. The tickets for the show had been sold out in less than a week, and fans had been eagerly waiting for the idol’s show after a long time.

As the event began, there seemed to be a surprise guest that not even Lee Junho had knowledge about. Actor Song Joong Ki is a close friend of Lee Junho, and he had prepared to surprise him with his visit to the fan meeting. The actor is known for his roles in Korean dramas and movies like Descendants of the sun, Space sweepers, Arthadal chronicles, the battleship island, and most recently, the popular Korean drama ‘Vincenzo’, where he plays the role of an Italian mafia. His fans have gone crazy over his acting in the series.

Song Joong Ki Surprises Lee Junho

The actor came to support Lee Junho and also because he didn’t have time to meet Song Joong Ki. They both chatted away, telling stories of themselves from the past, and had an extremely sweet chemistry. Song Joong Ki had entered the stage with ‘Adrenaline’ playing in the background, which is an extremely famous song in the series ‘Vincenzo’. Lee Junho cheekily asked Song Joong Ki how much he loves the idol. While Song Joong Ki makes a face and thinks about his answer, making Junho erupt in a fit of laughter. He explains that he has an enormous amount of love for Junho and considers him like a brother, and if he had to measure his love from zero to hundred, then it would probably be above a hundred ten. He says that Junho is the brother about whom Song Joong Ki can’t help but always has to worry.

Lee Junho
Lee Junho

Song Joong Ki’s Experience With Junho’s Driving

Song Joong Ki mentions that he has a story about Lee Junho, which he then starts to tell the audience. He explains that Junho, in the past, used to imitate Joong Ki a lot. Apparently, Song Joong Ki had once bought a car, and he noticed that just after him, Lee Junho bought the same car, which was not just the same model, but the car even had the same color to his car. And not only that but Junho had even gotten the same print. While Lee Junho shy’s away remembering the story, Lee Junho found this behavior of that time extremely adorable. And in the past, at that time, Lee Junho was practicing for driving. He asked Song Joong Ki to visit him and asked to give him a ride. So, Joong Ki had to sit beside him because of the less space in the car since it had a small capacity. Song Joong Ki reached Lee Junho’s house, but he was amazed with his driving. He explained that when they were driving on uphill, they were supposed to slow down, but with Junho, the car jumped. And Jong Ki thought that Junho could not drive well at all. Junho replied to this story by saying that because of the experience with song Joong Ki, he doesn’t invite people to sit beside him while he drives.

Song Joong Ki Reveals Lee Junho
Song Joong Ki and Lee Junho

Song Joong Ki compares his behavior with Lee Junho and says that they both have the same personality. According to Joong Ki, Junho might look impatient on the outside, but he is actually a very sweet person. Song joong ki stayed at the event for less time, but he had a lot of fun with Junho. We saw how Lee Junho was admiring and respecting him. And there was a moment when Junho called Song Joong Ki his role model while Joong ki was seen asking him to repeat and pretending that he couldn’t hear as a joke. Some people have even started calling Joong Ki the seventh member of 2PM because of how much he supports them.

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