Something No One Noticed About Jiren’s Past


Hey guys. Jiren’s backstory has left us with more questions than answers. People have started comparing Jiren to the famous DC hero, Batman, who lost his parents. The interesting thing is that Jiren doesn’t have true friends like Goku does. For this reason, we have to go back to the Saiyan Saga.

At this time, everyone fought together, even though they were hopelessly outclassed by the Saiyans. Even though Raditz already got Goku and almost Piccolo killed. The point is that even though all of these people were enemies, they got together, and became good friends. If we compare this to Jiren’s story, it’s actually the opposite of Goku’s story. After his family and friends were killed, his comrades didn’t want to fight with him anymore.

Jiren was obsessed with strength, because he had realized, that he couldn’t trust anyone. Goku was obsessed with strength and to become stronger; he gained new comrades along the way. Goku’s worst enemy raised his child. Jiren didn’t do anything wrong, but the betrayal led him to the opposite path. He took the path, which required him to survive. Sometimes they fought, sometimes they ran away. He’s a tragic character, because he’s just a victim and, he couldn’t help who he grew up to be.

This would also explain, why Jiren might be confused about Goku. How could someone want to be so strong, if it’s not for justice? What Jiren doesn’t realize is that the reason Goku just fights for fun is because he has what Jiren lacks his friends and family. That’s why purity doesn’t factor into it for Goku because there is no justice to fight for, when the ones you love are already safe. Another thing that’s made clear from these little points. When Toppo was “insulted” by Jiren, as many fans pointed out.

However, that might not be the case. Jiren wasn’t insulting Toppo for getting eliminated despite his behavior. The reason behind Jiren’s criticism are his own ideals. The reason why Jiren criticized him is because Jiren only believes in two things, trust and power. Despite being weaker before his transformation, Jiren respected Toppo as a comrade, as a friend, and a Pride Trooper.

However, Toppo’s decision to throw away his bond to undergo the transformation, which made him a God of Destruction made Jiren pretty miffed. Instead of trusting Jiren to finish things, Toppo made a big error. A sacrifice that only would have been worth it in Jiren’s eyes, if it made him strong enough to win. However, that wasn’t the case.
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