Something Everyone Missed About Whis In Latest Episode


Since Dragon Ball Super has introduced the Angels and Gods of Destruction, the landscape of the series was changed forever. Angels are introduced as powerful beings with a wide array of knowledge because of their long existence on the DB multiverse. Because of this, they are mostly indifferent to the surroundings and in the people they encounter. The only characters that can faze them are their Gods, the Grand Priest, and of course, Zeno-sama.

We see Whis most of the time minding his own business or chugging some Earth food or annpoying Beerus-sama.In all of these moments, he was never seen with a serious look on his face. Even when shit is happening all around him, he just chugs at his favorite parfait ignoring everything that happens around him. that is why it is strange for him to make a serious face when he announced that he never expected Goku to achieve UI once again.

Why is it odd? Because when you compare his reaction to his previous reaction of excitement during Goku’s first UI transformation,you would see a big difference. From a very thrilled Whis to something else, I think that there is actually something going on on Whis’ mind and it seems to be not good.

Ultra Instinct might be good for the Universe 7 because it means hope to beat the behemoth of a mortal named Jiren, but it might not be a good thing for Goku in the long run. Goku’s transformation to Ultra Instinct is “premature” in a sense that he does not actually undergo an official training to make UI bearable for the body. We must be reminded that even though Goku is achieving Godly feats one at a time, he is still a mortal.

Beerus’ reaction was quite normal, as he is always on the guard with his two proteges for fear of them surpassing them in the short amount of time. He seems to want to beat the crap out of Goku and test the Ultra Instinct. So it must be possible that what Whis have realized haven’t been realized by Beerus yet, whatever it might actually be.

It might be possible that Whis realized the disadvantage of using the Ultra Instinct prematurely. The usage of it will not only drain Goku’s stamina but it might also shorten his life span. The tremendous heat is the greatest drawback of Ultra Instinct. If Goku is an AMD processor, he needs to have a cooling liquid so he won’t overheat himself.



Whis And Beerus Did Something Strange When Ultra Instinct Returned!

Kefla fires a barrage of power blasts at Goku to assure her victory, but things didn’t go as she thinks. Goku began to glow silver and succeeded to avoid all of the Ki blasts. Everyone is stunned. Kefla believes it is a fluke and attacks again. Goku dodges all of the strikes once more with his eyes closed. Kefla is shocked. When Goku opens his eyes, he has gone Ultra Instinct and looks the way he did versus Jiren.

Everyone is amazed to see Goku re-enter the Ultra Instinct. But Whis showed Negative emotion after looking at Goku in Ultra Instincts.

Whis said “I didn’t expect Goku to reach Ultra Instincts again throughout this tournament,” he narrows his eyes and his look was somehow very intense. And Beerus, although he seemed pumped up in anticipation to see Ultra Instincts in action, he also seemed a little strangely with some sweat building and gritting his teeth.

Whis, the facial emotion was out-of-character. During the series, Toei has never drawn Whis or any of the angels for that stuff, with a facial look that conveys a negative emotion. When chaos is around them, they always show relaxing face.

Well, I don’t see why he’d be mad, given that he seemed to mainly trying to teach Goku and Vegeta to reach this state early in the series.

Possible reasons

Maybe he’s just shocked at how fast Goku grows and at the potential of Goku, not only Goku but each of the Saiyans appear to have.

Or Maybe a mortal body experiences several drawbacks when using this technique. I think the shortening of the lifespan, Goku’s power growth could lead to it exceeding his body’s limit too quickly.

He could develop beyond the power of the angels, overpowering the cosmic power structure.At first, it looked as if he was dissatisfied or concerned that Goku……