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Solos: The New Amazon Prime Drama: Everything We Know

What Is Amazon Prime's Solos About?
From The Official Trailer Of Amazon Prime's Solos Featuring Anthony Mackie

Amazon Prime Video is taking us home to what human relations are all about in the world about social- distancing. Right now, love is all we need as we are struggling and fighting in the real-life out there. The new anthology drama Solos promises us to give the utmost of it. Plus, lessons will come along with it telling how we all are connected with each other. David Weil created and wrote the show aided by Sam Taylor-Johnson, Zach Braff, Tiffany Johnson, Tori Sampson, and Stacy Osei-Kuffour as well. Weil and Taylor-Johnson also serve as the producers alongside Laura Lancaster, Marc Sondheimer, and Pixie Wespiser in the series.

Solos is a show telling futuristic stories about family relations. These are the kind of stories that takes cues from campfire to folktales to any form of storytelling experience you may be familiar with. According to the series creator David Weil, the show is an answer to the past years’ social distancing that disconnected the human touch. It will be reformed as the viewer will feel he is talking to the character onscreen. So here we are, taking a look at everything we know about this brand new Amazon Prime anthology and what it is about.

Solos Release Date

Solos are releasing on May 21, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video. A total of seven episodes will be releasing altogether on Amazon Prime’s OTT space. So if you want, you can binge-watch your way out of the series.

When Is Solos Releasing?

From The Official Trailer Of Amazon Prime’s Solos Featuring Constance Wu

To watch Solos, you simply need an Amazon account and a Prime subscription. You can sign up for a free trial as a first-time user. The plans for Amazon Prime range from a monthly plan that costs around $12.99 per month and a yearly plan costing around $119 per year. For students, the monthly plan costs $6.49 per month whereas the yearly plan comes for $59 a year.

Solos Plot

According to the official synopsis of the Solos, each episode of the series will tell a different story of a central character. It tells how one human being is connected to another human being. It comes from similar shared experiences no matter how isolated, and alone one feels. The show is more about familial relationships and their hopes, dreams, desires, loneliness, and solitude. These all stories will be connected to each other due to small elements that may intrigue the viewers as it compensates the episodes.

The Story Of Solos

From The Official Trailer Of Amazon Prime’s Solos Featuring Anne Hathaway

In the first episode, Leah tells the story of a physicist who is obsessed with time travel. The second episode tells the story of Tom as his time is up. Now he is looking for a final way to spend time with his family. The third episode deals with Peg traveling to farthest into the universe.  Only to recall all the moments which led her here. The fourth episode tells the story of Sasha who is battling with her own manipulative house in a world where you need to lock yourself inside.

The fifth episode of Solos tells the story of Jenny trying to remember where she came from in a unique waiting room. The sixth episode follows the story of Nera and the mystery behind her unusual child. Finally, the seventh episode follows Otto helping Stuart, an old man suffering from Dementia, by giving him memory implants. Only to uncover a bigger conspiracy.

Check Out The Official Trailer For Amazon Prime Video’s Solos below.

Solos Cast

The David Weill-created Solos includes quite an ensemble cast to feature. Thus, it makes a promise we are in for some downright amazing performances. The cast is led by Anne Hathaway starring Leah in the first episode of the series. The second episode sees Anthony Mackie joining in as Tom. The third episode has Helen Mirren picking up the role of Peg. The fourth episode takes Uzo Aduba starring Sasha. The fifth episode stars Constance Wu as Jenny. The sixth episode stars Nicole Beharie picking up the role of Nera. The final seventh episode stars Morgan Freeman as Stuart, joined by Dan Stevens as Otto.

Everyone Joining The Cast Of Solos

From The Official Trailer Of Amazon Prime’s Solos Featuring Morgan Freeman and Dan Stevens

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