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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 161: Release Date, Spoilers and Recap

Solo Leveling Season 2

Three vs. One battle continues after the Monarchs tries to trick S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo. During the struggle, Sung Jinwoo sustained a significant cut on his back. The Monarch of Frost thought that they had done their job. But Sung Jinwoon level up and show them his new powers. Let’s see how S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo responds to the strikes from the Monarchs that he is fighting against in Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 161. The chapter begins in New York, where the citizens witnessed an intense battle and destruction while the city burns down. The building is collapsing in London, Paris, and Shangai; the situation is excellent and average.

At the battle, Lennart notices that the storm is raging around Hunter Sung Jinwoo. The magic users are healing Thomas, aka The Goliath. Thomas asks Lennart about the updates of the battle. Lennart replies that he feels like he can see the world ending. They wonder if that guy is Sung Jinwoo that they know.  Lennart is impressed that Sung Jinwoo has become more robust in a short time during the battle. The barrage and showers of blows are getting exchanged as the fight continues.

The Monarch of Frost unleashed a Tordano Frost trying to pulverize Sung Jinwoo, who uses fire to melt the Tornado. General Beru is having a one-on-one with Plague Monarch, who claims that she is the mother of all insects. Beru wants Plague Monarch to pay for pricing Sung Jinwoo back earlier when he was praising his master. Plau Monarch gets furious with Beru landed a massive blow that shakes her body. She comments that she will kill this bastard. Sung Jinwoo exchanges a gigantic strike with the King of Beast.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 Highlights

Sung Jinwoo reveals that the prophecy told him that he would die during the battle, but they didn’t say to him if the pillar falls. He uses the blade of his double dagger to punish the King of Beast. One of the Hunter is hiding nearby and wants to snipe the enemies. The guy realizes that he spent a long time hiding, and he can’t locate his target. The Hunter realizes that he is not at that level where he can intervene with this s battle, or he will be digging his grave. Thirty minutes have passed when the Elite Assassing of the Fiend surrounds the buildings on the battlefield.

They are waiting for the signal to attack the enemies and support Sung Jinwoo. They think that they can cause fatal damage to the enemies. One of the Assassins wonders what will happen after the attack and how many will survive since the enemies won’t stay quiet. They realize that they will die if they miss the target and leave if they take down the target. The guys realize that the great Thomas, aka The Goliath, failed to smash the enemies, but they take risks to land their chickens blow that will take their lives away. One of the guys thinks they should decide or allow Hunter Sung Jinwoo to take care of the trio singlehandedly.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Querehsha’s Death: Sung Jinwoo vs. Monarch of Frost

The Assassin realizes that the mighty Hunters are not even trying to interfere since Sung Jinwoo told them not to get involved. The battle might need soon since both sides got fired up. Plague Monarch tries to use poison to kill Beru, and Sung Jinwoo notices that. Sung Jinwoo used his powers and discovered that venom effects are still present in the atmosphere. He comments that poison won’t work on him. Sung Jinwoo activates Detoxification that started to cure the wound and washed away the poison in his body.

Plague Monarch comments that she will rip Sung Jinwoo apart and transforms into a powerful monster with a big hand that looks like the front leg of a crab. She realizes that she can’t undo an overwhelming Authority. Sung Jinwoo faces her and uses Mutilation skills. He cuts through her body, and Plague Monarch wonders if she has met her end. Plague Monarch realizes that she got sent to the darkness that created her. Sang Jinwoo’s status reveals that he has defeated The Monarch of Plague and one of the Nine Monarchs, Querehsha.

Two Monarch are left for Sung to kill, and the Monarch of Frost is surprised that human killed their kind. King of Beast grabs Beru and begins to choke him. Sung Jinwoo notices Beru is about to die and tried to cancel the summon, but it failed. He teleports and saves Beru from getting killed while sending King of Beast flying. Sung Jinwoo vs. Monarch of Frost has begun. The Monarch of the Frosst told him not to get fooled by his powers. The chapter ends with claws of the Kind of Best piercing through Sung Jinwo’s body.

Solo Leveling Chapter 161 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 161 will be released on 5 August 2021. The Solo Leveling Season 2 chapters are available on Kakao Page Magazine; you can also look at Spoilers: My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107.

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