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Spoilers & Recap: Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160

Solo Leveling Season 2

Three versus one battle continues after other Monarchs arrive in a counter-attack with S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo. The Monarch of Frost, The King of Beast, and Plague Monarch circle Sun Jinwoo. But Sung Jinwoo unleashed a Shadow Army and told the Monarchs to come and attack him. Let’s find how the three vs. one battle continues on the latest chapter of Solo Leveling Season 2. The Monarch of Frost turns into monstrous ice, and Plague Monarch comments that she wants to have fun too. She unleashes the army of monsters to join the battle.

The monstrous-headed worm monster attacks Sung Jingwoo trying to swallow him, but he jumps up. The Monarch of Frost unleashes hummer blows and tries to smash Sung Jinwoo with the ground. Sung Jinwoo uses his two daggers to behead the monstrous-head worm monsters. The beast showers barrage the Sung Jinwoo counters with his dangers and cut the block of ice coming from the Monarch of Frost. Sung Jinwoo escaped from the Monarch of Frost trap as the Shadow Army back him up. He dives into the air, trying to take the Monarch of Frost but the King of the Beast interferes.

Sung Jinwoo begins to slice the King of the Beast, who asks if he thinks he can damage him with a mere metal. Sung Jinwoo replies that he is wielding an ordinary piece of metal, but it is powerful enough to slash the beast. The King of the Beast got surprised when he sees his arm falling from mid-air. The King of the Beast wonders when Sung Jinwoo cuts his arm. Sung Jinwoo lands on the ground behind the King of the Beast, who wonders what is happening. The Plague Monarch attacks Sung Jinwoo with vines of trees but Sung Jinwoo dodge that in time.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 159 Highlights

The Plague Monarch unleashes four monstrous hands, and The King of the Beast level up his powers. Sun Jinwoo looks at the two and figures how he will attack them at the same time. The Monarch of Frost unleashes an arm of Frost that walks with the monstrous-headed monsters to take down Sung Jinwoo. The Kings of the  Beast also sent his Beast Army to fight with Sung Jinwoo. The trio realizes that Sung Jinwoo is not an easy defeat.

General Beru emerged and broke the binding spells of Monarch of Frost. The Monarch of Frost can’t believe that a mere Shadow Soldier is free from his binding spells. General Beru shouts that he won’t let that insect’s woman touch his Liege. Beru leveled up his rank to face the monster coming towards his master Sung Jinwoo. Monarch of Frost is disappointed that a Commander Level Entity is in the hands of a human.

The King of the Beast realizes that a single Commander Level Shadow Soldier is practically a God of Destruction. Three Monarchs line up and face Sung Jinwoo, and Plague Monarch comments that a kid who doesn’t recognize their mother needs a beating. Beru deflects her blows and remarks that he will kill this crazy woman. Beru decides to have a one-on-one with Plague Monarch. Plague Mornach get furious her powerful strike got deflected easily. Beru bows in front of his master and reminds him that they are not pushing him back even when he fought with Superior Species.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Limitless Sung Jinwoo’s Strength: God of Destruction

Beru is impressed that Sung Jinwoo’s limitless strength will never fail him. Four monstrous-headed worm monsters get annoyed and decide to strike the blind spot, making Beru and Sung Jinwoo angry. Beru slice the enemies using one claw technique, and Sung Jinwoo uses his blades. For the first time, Sung Jinwoo got slape during the battle and notice that it is the Plague Monarch. Beru gets furious that she slapped her master and decided to block her shower of strikes.

Sung Jinwoo got sent flying and hits with the building and realizes that those creatures have taken the battle to another level. The Monarch of Frost took that to his advantage, and fires arrows of ice rained on Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo slashes those arrows, and Monarch of Frost wonders how much Sung Jinwoo holds out against the pincer attack. Surprisingly the Moranach of Frost got stabbed on his chest and wonders how Sung Jinwoo pierced him since he was at a distance. Sung Jinwoo reminds those guys that they won’t leave this place alive.

The King of The Beast interferes, and Sung Jinwoo forgets about the third lady. He got pierce and spat blood. The lady shouts that her name is Querehash, The Monarch of Plagues. Beru notices that his master is in danger since the trio has a strategy that pushed Sung Jinwoo back; Querehash said she is the mother of every insect in existence. The King of Beast put a significant blade on Sung Jinwoo’s neck, and Beru told the Soldiers to protect their master. The Monarch comments that Sung Jinwoo’s wound is fatal and playtime is over. Sung Jinwoo gets ups and levels up, telling them it is not over yet.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 160 release date is 29 July 2021. The Solo Leveling Season 2 chapters are available on Kakao Page Magazine; you can also look at other details of the battle on Spoilers & Recap: Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 159.

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