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Spoilers & Recap: Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 159

Solo Leveling Season 2

Thomas The Goliath continues to battle with the Magical Beast beast; he got defeated after the Magical Beast transforms. Let’s find out who will step up to face the Magical Beast on Solo Leveling Season 2.  Thomas got beat, but Lennart Nierman, the U.S Hunter Association Hunter Point System Rank 12, interfere to save his master. Lennart protects Thomas before Magica Beast chokes the life out of Thomas’s body. Lennart told the Beast that he wouldn’t allow him to do what he wants. Thomas told Lenart to run away, but Lennart refuses and states that he is a Hunter and dying on a battlefield is his choice.

Lennart comments that he is tired of letting the Beast stand in front of them, and he has no regret if he dies here. He also said he better have a proud death than a meaningless life. The Beast confronts Lennart, who got shocked, wondering if he is a match against this creature. Lennart said he made the right choice twice, but he said he made the wrong choice when the Beast square off. He thought he was dead, but a life savior arrived and began to shower the Beast with the barrages.

Lennart felt relieved that he wouldn’t have to fight since the S-Rank Huter Sung Jinwoo arrived and began to smash the Beast. The Beast realizes that he has been waiting for this guy. Sung Jinwoo begins to land powerful strikes that scare the Beast. Lennart acts like he was going to fight the Beast since Sung Jinwoo has arrived. Sung Jinwoo orders Lennart to take Thomas to safety. The Beast smelled the Shadow guy from a human and said it was true since he faced the S-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 158 Highlights

The Beast gets furious that humans are messing up with him. Lennart and the other Hunter are glad that Sung Jinwoo will take care of this guy. The Hunters told him not to worry about them as they leave the scene with Thomas. Sung Jinwoo notices that this Beast is here to kill, and he is not alone. The Beast wonders how Sung Jinwoo wields the Superior Being power with a human’s body. He wonders if the Administrator found a way since it’s been a long time since the Shadow Mornacxh made a deal with him.

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The two face each other, and the Beast wonders if he can eat humans. Suddenly another beast arrives and comments that she is curious how another Monarch would taste like; The King of the Snow Folk comes asks The Monarch of Frost. Those guys are the ones who had a meeting about killing Sung Jinwoo before he attains new powers. The Monarch of the Frost is the one responsible for Chairman Go Gee-Hun’s death.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Shadow Monarch

During the battle with Monarch of Frost, Sung Jinwoo managed to pierce his shoulder with a dagger before he vanished. When he arrives at his Realm, he gathers all Sung Jinwoo’s enemies to talk about attacking Sung Jinwoo. The Mornaf of Frost recognizes Sung Jinwoo as the enemy. Sung Jinwoo realizes this guy is the one that runs away from their first battle. The King of the Beast, knows as The Beast Monarch, is also Sung Jinwoo’s enemy.

The King of the Insects knows as the Plague Monarch, has arrived to kill Sung Jinwoo as an enemy. The trio faces Sung Jinwoo, and the Plague Monarch is in front of Sung Jinwoo, and the other two are behind him. The trio attacks Sung Jinwoo, and after they clashed, a vast red light appears. Sung Jinwoo told them to come at him, and he unleashes a new Shadow Army lead by General Beru as they fight against the enemies.

Sung Jinwoo watches his Shadow Army fighting with the enemies. The Morch of Frost blows the wind and creates a prison that he thinks Sun Jinwoo’s Shadow Army won’t survive and said they are small fries. The King of the Beast comments that he is unaware that a human can fully absorb the power of the Shadow Monarch. Sung Jinwoo took out his dagger, looking at the Monarch of the Frost since he is the guy that he has to take down. Sung Jinwoo points to the Monarch of Frost that he will kill him.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 159 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 159 release date is 22 July 2021. The Solo Leveling chapters are available on Kakao Page Magazine.

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