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Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 152 – Chairman’s Death

Solo Leveling Season 2

Sung Jinwoo arrives at the scene where Go Gun-Hee is clashing with the Monarch of the Frost. He chokes the Monarch of the Frost and asks if he is an Ice Elf. The Monarch of the Frost asks Sung Jinwo why he didn’t come and contact them since he has many Shadow soldiers’ troops. He cal Sung Jinwoo a Monarch of Shadows. Sung Jinwoo wonders what this guy is talking about. The Monarch of the Frost realizes that he is an Ice Elf who failed to be extracted from. Solo Leveling Season 2 continues below.

He told Sung that Sung is the missing thing they have been looking for. Sung Jinwoo listened to the Monarch of the Frost. He exhales ice, trying to trap Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo jumps up as the Monarch of the Frost tries to freeze the whole building. He wonders if the Monarch of the Frost is a magic user type. Sung Jinwoo unleashed two blades. The Monarch of the Frost told him they could stop the battle since he could not fight with Sung Jinwoo. He reveals that their lives are on the line.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 151 Highlights

Sung Jinwoo asks the Monarch of the Frost what he is talking about. The Monarch of the Frost points at Go Gun-Hee and asks Sung Jinwoo if he has come to save that human. He told Sung Jinwoo to choose whether he can fight him or save that human. He creates a huge blade using ice, and Sung Jinwoo activates the Authority of Ruler. But the magic of the Monarch of Frost is resiting the Authority of the Ruler. Sung Jinwoo ignores that, and they both rush towards each other while attacking.

He throws the first blade towards the Monarch of Frost. But the blade hits the wall of the building and pierce throw after the Monarch of  Frost dodges. Go Gun-Hee is bleeding, kneeling on top of a huge piece of the rock. Sung Jinwoo notices the Monarch of Frost wants to take Go Gun-Hee’s heart, and he protected him. He uses the second blade to block the crystal blade. The Monarch of Frost opens a blue hole of frost, but Sung Jinwoo counters with Dagger Rush.

The Monarch of Frost comments that Sung Jinwoo is a mere vessel, but he dares to scratch him. The Dagger Rush pierce through the Monarch’s back. He smiled while vanishing deep in the blue frost. He told Sung Jinwoo that he is retreating for now, but he will come back when Sung Jinwoo’s Shadows opens again. The Monarch of Frost comments that the human he almost killed is the gift to Sung Jinwoo as one of his Shadow Army. After he vanished, Sung Jinwoo comments that the bastard has escaped.

Supreme Being and Chairman’s Death

He lands near Go Gun-Hee, who is severely injured. Sung Jinwoo realizes that the wound can’t be healed using the healing potion. He realizes that Go Gun-Hee can die at any moment, and he summons Beru to come for aid. Beru arrives within a second and asks if his King has called him. Sung Jinwoo told Beru to save Go Gun-Hee no matter what. Beru puts his hand on Go Gun-Hee’s chest and unleashes healing magic. He tried his best and told his King that the healing magic is not working on Go Gun Hee.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Sung Jinwoo thinks harder and realizes that the Holy Water of Life might heal Go Gun-Hee. Go Gun-Hee told Sung Jinwoo to let him die. He thanks Sun Jinwoo for coming to rescue him, and that is enough for him. Sung Jinwoo insists on healing Go Gun-Hee, who reveals nothing can be done after receiving those attacks for the Supreme Being. But he is glad that he met with the Supreme Being. Sung realizes that Go Gun-He is telling him his last words.

Go Gun Hee told Sung Jinwoo that he must stay on the human side no matter what happens. He opened up and told Sung that he is glad that he met with him. But he is relieved that he is leaving a stronger Hunter that he can rely on. Go Gun-Hee died instantly. Later the news about three powerful hunter’s death spread all over the world. Sung Jinwoo returns to Korea and the world panic that the hunters are dying one by one. Sung Jinwoo attends the funeral of Chairman Go Gun-Hee.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 152 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 152 will release on Thursday, 20 May 2021. Also, read Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 151. We have not found official ways to read Solo Leveling. Also, read Solo Leveling on Kakao Page Magazine.

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