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Spoilers and Highlights: Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 146

Solo Levelling Season 2

Sung Jinwoo has managed to locate Jinhoo after using Shadow Exchange. When he arrives at the scene, he finds that Dong-Su is torturing Jinhoo. Sung Jinwoo landed a blow that sends Dong-Su flying. He gave Jinho a healing portion, but it was not working since HP is less than ten percent. He made three attempts, and they both fail. Sung Jinwoo asks Dong-Su’s men to heal Jinhoo. They comment that they cannot speak Korean. Solo Leveling Season 2 lates updates continue below.

Sung Jinwoo gets furious and asks them if there is anyone who is a healer. They look at each other, and Dong-Su comeback. Dong-Su speaks with his man that Sung Jinwoo wants them to heal Jinhoo. Dong-Su realizes that it is not the first time he is meeting with Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo told them that he is giving them a final warning they must heal Jinhoo now.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 145 Highlights

Don-Su’s men told Sung Jinwoo to first get permission from their boss if they can heal Jinhoo. Sung Jinwoo slams one of Dong-Su’s men with the ground. He asks the second guy if he is a healer. The second guy talks with his boss in his foreign language, reminding him that he told them that this has nothing to do with Sung Jinwoo.

The guy realizes that his boss has fooled them, and they have messed up with Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo, the guy again, if he is a healer or not. The guy replies that he is not while trembling. Sung Jinwoo hits the guy with a move that reminds Dong-Su of his brother. Dong-Su concludes that Sung Jinwoo has killed his brother after seeing the move that Sung Jinwoo has used.

S-Rank Hunter vs. S-Rank Hunter

Solo Levelling Season 2

Solo Levelling Season 2

Dong-Su moves towards Sung Jinwoo, asking him if he is the one who killed Dongsuk. Jinhoo reminds Sung Jinwoo that Hwang Dongsu is Hwang Dongsuk’s brother. He warns him to be careful of him. Sun Jinwoo told Jinhoo to relax and heal while Dong-Su insists on Sung Jinwoo to give him some answers. Both S-Rank Hunters square up as they level their powers. Sung Jinwoo replies that he is sending Dong-Su to get answers where his brother is. Dong-Su attacks Sung Jingwoo, who crouches down to dodge the attack.

Both Hunters exchange massive blows but Sung Jinwoo. Dong-Su receives massive blows and realizes that he has no match against Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo landed a final blow that bangs Dong-Su with the wall. Dong-Su wonders why their powers are different since they are both S-Rank Hunters. Dong-Su decided not to give up, but Sung Jinwoo pins him with the ground. He started to landed hammer blows and heard a voice saying enough. Thomas appears and comments that he told Dong-Su not to mess with Sung Jinwoo.

He asks Hwang Dong-Su if he is still alive, and he told Sung Jinwoo to let him go. Sung Jinwoo asks what will happen if he refuses. Thomas replies that he will use force. Sung Jinwoo throws Dong-Su away. While he is in the air, he told Thomas to kill Sung Jingwoo for him. Thomas gets angry since he doesn’t want his reputation to be questioned or disrespected. He asks Sung Jinwoo if he knows who he is, and Sung Jinwoo replies that it doesn’t matter. Sung Jinwoo asks him who he is.

Tue King

Solo Levelling

Solo Levelling

Thomas wonders why Sung Jinwoo is giving him a hard time, and he knows who he is, and he is still acting tough. It has been revealed that Thomas Andre comes from a poor immigrant family. Rich people and punks always surrounded him, but he has a gift from God. His overwhelming strength makes him gain fame, money, and respect.

No one would dare stand in front of him or go against him. Thomas always proves his worth in all the battles that he fought. He always made everyone bow in front of him, and no one would oppose him. When a new powerful man appears in the world, he dominates them and becomes the true king. He smashes those who block his path, and those who looked down on him were made to kneel. Thomas knew how to deal with all who go against him. No one has ever stood in front of him, but Sung Jingwoo did.

Thomas feels that he is losing his honor since an S-Rank Hunter is not submitting in front of him. He told Sung Jinwoo to blame his ignorance, and Sung Jinwoo unleashes his Shadow ad orders it to send Jinhoo to the hospital. Thomas unleashes his army, and Sung Jinwoo unleashes his Shadow army to start the battle. Thomas comments that now he doesn’t care about Don-Su he wants to restore his pride. He vows that he will kill that brat.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 146 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 146 will release on Thursday, 1 April 2021. Read Solo Leveling Season 2, Chapter 145. We have not found official ways to read Solo Leveling.  Read the latest development on  Solo Leveling on Kakao Page Magazine.

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