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Spoilers and Highlights: Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 144

Solo Leveling Season 2

Sung Jingwoo has arrived at the room where Dragon Kamish is. After failing to summon Kamish on his second attempt, the third one worked. Kamish asks Sung Jingwoo if he is the one who summoned him. Kamish looks at Sung Jinwoo and comments that Sung’s the King of the Dead Shadow Monarch. The high-ups can’t believe that Sung has summoned that thing. Kamish comments that humans must die. We will be at the updates of Solo Leveling Season 2.

Kamishi vows that he will kill all humans and started to rampage. The high-up’s notice that Kamish has destroyed the glass enhanced by a top-ranking hunter’s magic. Things became intense as Kamish started to blew flames all over the building. The workers suggest that they must evacuate to safety. They told the high-ups that Kamish’s breath is too dangerous. Sung Jinwoo stands firm in front of Kamish.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 144 Release Date

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 143 date will release on Thursday, 18 March 2021. Read Solo Leveling Season 2, Chapter 143. We have not found official ways to read Solo Leveling. Soon we will be focusing on the chapter’s highlights below. Every week on Thursday, spoilers and a new chapter of Solo Leveling will also be available. Read the latest development on  Solo Leveling on  Kakao Page Magazine.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Chapter 142 Highlights

Sung Jinwoo told Kamish to stop with the rampaging. He reminds Kamish that the magic crystal embedded in his head was removed earlier. There is no need for Kamish to obey rules or orders. The high-ups are surprised that Hunter Sung Jinwoo is speaking with the monster in their tongue. One of the workers said he couldn’t believe it.

The Monarch of Destructions

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Kamish comments this is how it feels to submit to the Shadow Monarch. He steps forward towards Sung Jinwoo, who said a lowly servant who worked under the Dragon Emperor. He told Kamish to show respect to the new monarch. Sung Jingwoo asks Kamish if it is true that he served the Dragon Emperor.

Kamish replies that it is true, my lord, and he reveals that he has served the king of berserk dragons. The king of berserk dragons is known as the monarch of destructions. Sung Jinwoo realizes that he was not aware that Shadow Soldiers could possess such a powerful ego. He is impressed by incredible rage, and he rubs Kamish’s face. Sung Jinwoo notices that Kamish is the same as other monsters that he has seen.

The high-ups can’t believe that the dragon is under Sung Jinwoo’s control. They notice Kamish wagging his tail. Sung Jinwoo is thinking about the king of the dead Shadow Monarch. He also thought about the king of the giants’ monarch of the beginning. Sung Jinwoo thinks that those two must be one of the nine monarchs mentioned by the system. Kamish told his master Sung Jinwoo that he is going to leave him.

Kamishi talks with Sung Jinwoo, who can believe that he has to leave him now. He told Sung Jinwoo that they met when it is too late. Sung Jinwoo realizes that not even the power of the Shadow Monarch can battle with the passage of time. Kamish told Sung Jinwoo that his soldiers would serve him for eternity. He also told him about four human beings who borrowed the powers of the Rulers. He advices Sung Jingwoo to watch out for those four.

New King

Kamishi also said that it was an honor to appear in front of his new king, Sung Jinwoo. Kamish vanishes, and the Shadow extraction has failed. The Kamish shadow has returned to the emptiness of the void. Sung wanted to try another Shadow extraction, but he realizes that it will fail. Too much has passed since Kamish’s death, and further extraction attempts will not produce good results. Sung Jinwoo decides to let it be.

He told Mr. White to tell the Director that he will repay the damages. He is also apologizing for the chaos that has happened. Sung Jinwoo left the building, and the workers are surprised at who the hell is that man. On his way, he is angry that his shadow extraction has failed. Later he met with the Chief at the hotel, and he questions why they could not communicate. Sung Jinwoo replies that he was somewhere where there is no signal.

Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling Season 2

Chief asks him if he has met with Hunter Yoo Jinho since he left after he contacts him. He reveals that Sung Jinwoo said he is waiting for Jinho at the Hunters Bureau on the call. Sung Jinwoo is surprised since he didn’t talk with Jinho. He reveals that he has just returned. They both head there and find that Jinho went away with A Hunter from Scavenger Guild. The escorts are wondering why the Scavenger Guild is getting involved.

Scavenger Guild

They think that it is better they heard there and talk with them face to face. Sung Jinwoo feels that something is not right. The Scavenger Guild receives the message that they have escorted the vice-leader of the Ahjin Guild. The high-ups call and ask if Sung Jinwoo knows about it.

They were told that Sung Jinwoo is not aware of what is happening. Sung Jinwoo is told that the Scavenger Guild will investigate the matter. Sung Jinwoo vanishes and heads somewhere, blaming himself that it is his fault. He is worried about why he didn’t assign a soldier to guard Jinho. Sung summons different Shadow to help him find Jinho.

He doesn’t want the incidents from the past to repeat. Thomas is suspecting that Dong-Su is responsible for everything. He saw a pile of corpses. Thomas told his soldiers to find Dong-Su before Sung Jinwoo finds him. Don-Su is with Jinho, and he is torturing him. Jinho is bleeding in front of Dong-Su.

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