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Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Delayed By Another Week

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling got delayed for another week; the latest chapter was due to be around 17 June 2021 but got postponed to 25 June 2021. However, we are still unsure if Solo Leveling Manga will release this week on the date mentioned above. The delay is because the pandemic has affected lots of Manga, and they keep on getting delayed. For example, the upcoming chapter titled ”I level up alone” scheduled to air around July, but the writer Jang Seong-Rak is recovering from health issues, causing the delay of the next chapter.

The Manga got extended for the absence for one more week. The team apologizes for the delay and seeks support worldwide. The Manga fans can look forward to the upcoming Solo Leveling chapter 156 early on 1 July 2021, but time may differ from other countries. From the recent development of Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo spent a particular time with Ms. Hae-in. Sung Jinwoo realizes that he has to finish that last time with someone close to him before getting rid of the Gate that recently appeared.

Before Sung Jinwoo met with Ms. Hae, he said a shocking statement associated with sacrificing his life. Sole Leveling will return soon and reveal the truth beyond Sung Jinwoo’s words and why he had those romantic moments like with Hae. The news reporters thought that Ms. Hae was Sung Jinwoo’s girlfriend, but they realize that she is also a ”Hunter.” Beru, who recently earned the title of General and helped Sung Jinwoo and Hae to enjoy their time.

Solo Leveling Updates

Sung Jinwoo promised to tell Hae some secret after arriving at the amusement park where the Gate took his father. Thomas Andrew is up to something while the citizens are still shocked about the ”Gate” they have never seen before. The ”Gate” is unbreakable for S-Rank Hunter like Sung Jinwoo. Sung Jinwoo realizes that he has to do something about the ”Gate” or the world will experience death. It seems as if only one thing is sure about the ”Gate” meaning Sung Jinwoo would try to sacrifice his life to save the world.

He realizes that he has many people looking up to him, and he can’t lose his family. So Sung Jinwoo’s mom and his sister decided to remain in Tokyo even though it is dangerous. Sung Jinwoo has not yet found the reasons why the ”Gate” is unbreakable. Still, he realizes that there are potent creatures inside the ”Gate.” Sung Jinwoo had combat training with Beru preparation to break through that ”Gate.” Ah-Jin and her mother talk about Sung Jinwoo after realizing that the world is in danger.

Sung Jinwoo and Hae-In’s Past

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Ah-Jin’s mother promised her daughter that Sung Jinwoo will always protect them like Ah’s father. The girl wanted them to leave the house, witnessing the incidents taking place outside. Ah’s mother told her that they can stay with no fear since nothing has happened yet and the government has not announced public evacuations. Ah-Jin got relieved to hear the words from her mother. During Hae Sung Jinwoo’s journey, she questions him about his invitation. Sung Jinwoo replies that Hae-in is his best friend.

Sung Jinwoo reminds Hae about the last dungeon that he battles with the statues and monsters. That day Hae arrived with other Hunters to help Sung Jinwoo defeat the monsters. The King of ”statues” questions Hae about what she wants here. Hae responds that she came to save Sung Jinwoo. Hae thought Sung Jinwoo didn’t hear what she said that day. Sung Jinwoo told her that he remembers everything, and the two enjoy hang out together. Hae realizes that she never had a time like this ever since she became a hunter.

Hae recalls all the moments she spent with Sung Jinwoo killing the monsters and conquering dungeons. Finally, Sung Jinwoo reveals a mysterious, strange dungeon. Later the two arrived at the location where Sung Jingwoo told Hae about, and Hae saw a fantastic view of the stars in the sky. Hae wonders what happens next since they have arrived at the promised location. The place that the two reach that place where Sung Jinwoo got his father taken away. Let’s meet next time after the release of chapter 156.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 release date is 1 July 2021. Unfortunately, there are no official ways to read Solo-Leveling. But you can get the latest chapter of Solo Leveling on Kakao Page Magazine and read Solo Leveling Chapter 156: Spoilers And Preview.

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