So This Is Why “The Long Night” Was Too Dark

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 03 was released on Sunday, as expected the episode was shocking, full of excitement and lots of suspense for us. One thing apart from the easy defeat of night king that seemed to have disappointed a handful of fans was poor lighting.

Expectedly, memes are being made over poor lighting of the 3rd episode of season 8 of the hit HBO series. Fans took it to the internet to express the annoyance. The episode was apparently so dark that it was becoming hard for viewers to find out who was who and who was dying and who was fighting the dead army.

The episode was overall a struggle for fans and caused frustration as they struggled to figure out what was actually happening in the battle of Winterfell. Cinematographer Robert McLachlan who helped the creation of the “Red Wedding” episode talked to INSIDER said they were trying to make it look like a real battle, and then it was shot during the night to make it look scarier.

Their adventure of making it look real is pretty much a failure, as fans didn’t like what they saw. The reason behind the poor lighting was simply to give the audience a real feel of a battle. They wanted to keep it natural as if it was real. Only if there had been a bit more light to the episode, no one would have been disappointed.

Even after it, fans loved the episode. We personally loved and cherished every second of the episode. The setting and an ambience they had set felt way too real. It had to be dark to make it look real and scarier. We wouldn’t have enjoyed if it was shot in broad daylight.

Lit Dothraki swords and fire-spitting dragons wouldn’t seem as thrilling as they looked in the episode. If it wasn’t for darkness Scared face of Jamie Lannister wouldn’t have seemed that intoxicating.

game of thrones long night

However, the game of thrones is not the only period TV show to be roasted because of the poor lighting. Though, the director Peter kosminsky admitted that fans have legitimate concerns and it’s idiocy to present something that takes audience ages to figure out what happened.

However, we believe it to be significant for period TV shows to be a bit dark to make it seem real. Now, with just 3 episodes left fans are now expecting a bit brighter episodes. We’ll have to wait for coming Sunday to see if we can see something or not.

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