So Ri’s Grandfather Dies In ‘Love Twist’ Episode 31

So Ri's grandfather dies
So Ri's grandfather dies

After So Ri finds out about her pregnancy, she decides to keep it a secret, but Kyung Joon finds out about it. He tells So Ri’s grandfather about the baby and encourages him to talk to So Ri. Not knowing how to handle the situation, he asks Kyung Joon to leave. In ‘Love Twist’ episode 31, So Ri’s grandfather tells So Ri to abort the baby. This makes her furious, and she storms out.

When her grandfather follows to stop her, he falls down the stairs. Everyone thinks that it is their fault that So Ri’s grandfather met with this accident. The next day he gains consciousness and is in a good mood. While no one is around him, he writes his will. Suddenly the pen slips from his hand, and when he tries to reach for it, he falls off the bed, and his life ends.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Till now, we have seen that So Ri finds out that she is pregnant and decides to tell Ha Ru about it. When she calls her from the hospital, she sees him going to a doctor’s appointment with Yoon-Ah. Seeing that he would take of Yoon-Ah instead of her and ignore her call breaks So Ri’s heart. Even though she wants to take revenge on everyone, she cannot marry Kyung Joon anymore. This makes him desperate, and he tells So Ri’s grandfather that Ha Ru is Gwang Nam’s son. Instead of being angry So Ri’s grandfather decides to add Ha Ru to his family registry.

When Ok Hee finds out about this, she is very upset. However, she cannot do anything about it. Adding to her problems, Hee Ok gives her a visit and asks her for money as Yoon-Ah’s dad demands a house in the U.S. The next day, Kyung Joon starts his new job in the secretarial role in Gwang Nam’s office. As he is about to start working, he gets a text from the gene information center informing him that the test results are negative. This reveals that Ha Ru is not Gwang Nam’s son. Still, Kyung Joon decides to keep it a secret because if the truth gets out, it will ruin his perfect plan.

Love Twist episode 31
Love Twist episode 31

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Kyung Joon Gives So Ri’s Grandfather Fake Results

After getting the text, Kyung Joon visits Hee Ok to confirm the result from her. She hands him the fake result and tells him that she did a blood test. Even though Kyung Joon thinks that he should do another test, he decides to give the fake result to So Ri’s grandfather. However, he does not know that Do-Hee has the original result sent by the test center. Getting the fake test results make So Ri’s grandfather take drastic step and include Ha Ru into the family. Still, Ok Hee is against this decision.

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode?

Ok Hee visits Ha Ru and asks him if So Ri’s grandfather asked him to join the family? He addresses the fact that it is true but also that he refused his wish. Being a concerned and kind person Ok Hee still thinks a lot about Ha Ru. She advised him to not refuse the fortune he will inherit from his father in the future. At that point, Yoon-Ah’s father comes in and starts arguing with Ok Hee. This makes her uncomfortable, and she leaves.

Ha Ru's father in Love Twist
Ha Ru’s father in Love Twist

‘Love Twist’ Episode 31 Release Date

The ‘Love Twist’ episode 31 release date is 24th January 2022. Yoon-Ah convinces her father to pay for the place in the U.S. As they are planning to live a happy life, So Ri’s family is stressed and anxious. So Ri’s grandfather tells her to abort the baby before it’s too late, and this makes her furious. She storms out of the room and says that she will die instead. When her grandfather goes behind her to stop her, he falls down the stairs.

Where To Watch ‘Love Twist’ Episode 31?

The South Korean drama ‘Love Twist’ is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Love Twist’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch the ‘Love Twist’ episode 31 on the subscription-based website Rakuten Viki.

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