‘Snowpiercer’ Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date: Aftermath of Battle Between Layton and Wilford

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Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4
Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4

In Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4, we will see the aftermath of the battle of wits and power between Wilford and Layton. For starters, these two are out for each other for the control of the train and where to go. With Wilford’s latest morale boost, and Layton’s hunting, the stakes get higher, and no one knows exactly what will be their next move as both characters are hard to read.

“Snowpiercer” is a television adaptation of Jacques Lob’s French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige,” which airs on TNT and is available on Netflix worldwide. The Snowpiercer train passengers’ stories are told in this series, which is a reimagining of the film’s timeline. Furthermore, in this storyline, humanity is stuck in that monorail after the world has been covered in ice over. The train is also constantly moving across the world’s railways. The series stars Jenna Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Sean Bean, Sheila Vand, Sam Otto, Mickey Sumner, and Annalise Basso.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4
Daveed Diggs as Andre Layton

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

‘The First Blow,’ the third episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ Season 3, begins with the pirate train attempting to reconnect with the Snowpiercer. When Ben, Layton, and Alex supervise the engine’s reconnection, Josie learns that Wilford plans to destroy them with a cannon. To avoid destruction, they drive their train past the Snowpiercer, derailing some of the cars. To keep Layton from attacking them, Wilford also brings Zarah to the Big Alice engine. Ben disconnects the derailed cars in order to save the pirate train, but he loses track of the Snowpiercer in the process.

Kevin’s Problem

Kevin approaches LJ and Oz and asks them to open the night car so he can question a few Tailies. He begins the interrogation in search of any information about Layton and kills Strong Boy. Ruth meets Pike at the prison and instructs him to send a signal to Layton in order to reclaim the Snowpiercer’s location. Pike follows Ruth’s instructions and enters the hospitality section, where he begins a grand firework display. The Snowpiercer is located after Layton and others see the firework. They plan to confront Wilford on a ridge, but they realize they won’t be able to connect the two trains end-to-end.

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Following a conversation with Josie, Layton realizes that they must deceive Wilford in order to complete the reconnection. He decides to use Miss Audrey as a distraction for Wilford, so he takes her to the engine. Near a ridge, the pirate train confronts Wilford and the Snowpiercer, and Layton asks him to surrender, only to be dismissed by the engineer.

Layton And Asha

When Layton takes command of the Snowpiercer, he realizes that the only remaining warm spot for them to investigate is the Southern Arabian Peninsula in Africa. The route to the Peninsula, on the other hand, is extremely difficult and dangerous. He learns from Ruth that the train passengers are tired from the numerous rebellions and wars, and they will refuse to embark on a dangerous mission. Because Layton isn’t a tyrant like Wilford, he decides to hold a referendum among the passengers. He goes asking them whether they want to travel to the Arabian warm spot despite the dangers they’ll face along the way.

Despite Layton’s desire not to impose his decision on the passengers, he recognizes that the Arabian warm spot is the only option available to save humanity. He borrows a page from Melanie’s book and asks Asha to pretend to be from the Arabian hotspot known as New Eden in order to persuade the passengers. Before the vote, Asha communicates with the passengers, telling them that she is from New Eden, where there is green grass, trees, and life. Despite his belief in democracy, Layton recognizes that the majority’s understanding may not be the best for the greater good. As a result of Asha’s deception, he steps forward as a leader to lead the planet’s sole survivors to a potentially habitable land.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailer:


Where to Watch Snowpiercer?

Snowpiercer is available on HBO Max, TNT, Sling, Spectrum, and DirecTV in the United States. The show is also available on Vudu, Amazon Direct Video, Apple iTunes, and Google Play. If you live in Australia or UK, you can watch the show on Netflix. In this regard, Netflix is a global platform, with a vast catalog that includes Snowpiercer as well as original films, shows, and series that start at US$ 9.99.

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Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4
Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 4 will release on February 14, 2022. This season comprises ten episodes of one hour run time each. Secondly, episode four is titled “Bound by One Track,” and the script was penned by Renee St. Cyr.

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