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Snowpiercer Season 2 Ending Explained: The Journey Comes To An End

The Snowpiercer
The Snowpiercer

Popular TNT series Snowpiercer season 2 has finally drawn the curtain on the season finale, and let’s just say it is much more than fans can expect ! While some characters are all set for the final showdown, it surely requires some big sacrifice on the way! The second season finale went on to be one of the most emotional episodes of all time. Get ready for some major spoilers ahead!

As the team succeeds in separating Snowpiercer’s head from the remaining cars and as the gang prepares to wage war against Wilford and find life out of Snowpiercer’s, it seems like it came with a huge price!

Snowpiercer’s  Season 2 Episode 10: Take A Little Sneak Peek Into The Second Season Finale!

After we saw both Layton and Ruth have been trapped, thanks to Wilford’s meticulous planning! Both of them soon plan their escape and kills the door guard, and soon get their hand on the key. Alex soon reveals that the engine has a secret entrance to Wilford’s bedroom!

The Snowpiercer

As Alexandra instigates Wilford by saying that she could never be the leader that her mother is, Wilford soon slaps Alex, and she takes this opportunity to fatally injure Wilford with a razor blade! Fans are still hoping that Jennifer Connelly will make her return in the upcoming third season. With Mr. Wilford still surviving the fatal razor wound, it seems like the team might have to face his wrath after all. We also saw Ruth staying back and not being able to join Layton by the end of the second season finale. 

Snowpiercer Season 2: Melanie Cavill  Is Dead! Take A Sneak Peek Into The Shocking Turn Of Events In the Season 2 Finale!

While we still cannot get over the fact that Melanie Cavill is dead. It was all quite clear at the second season finale episode titled Into The White, where Melanie protected the drives with the little energy that remained. She ate up all the rats in isolation to sustain herself, but the energy was not enough to protect her. As Alexandra frantically searches for Melanie, fans soon reliable that Melanie has sacrificed her life to keep the drives warm, and she knew that Alex would come to look for her! The heartbreaking scene some to an end with this huge cliffhanger as the team prepares to rebel and look out for warm places outside Snowpiercer.


Although Josie was successful enough to destroy the Aquarium car, it seems like Mr. Wilford still owns the remaining 1,023 cars! Moreover, Zarah, who is pregnant with Layton’s baby, can also act as a risk factor for the team as well. While Wilford has promised not to harm her, his intentions can never be predicted. While the two trains have separated by the end of season 2, they will meet, and that is something to look for in season 3! 

Snowpiercer Season 2 Ending Explained: The Season Finale Ends With A Huge Cliffhanger!

The biggest shock that fans received from the second season finale is that Melanie is dead! However, the series star is rumoured to appear on the upcoming third season, and given the creative enormity of the series, the writers might just make that happen! While Melanie sacrificed her life for the betterment of many people, she left behind the drives and an emotional note for Alex that said,” You are my hope,” with a piece of advice to learn to love the people who got them this fear. Alex remembers her mom in a poignant second season finale.

Melanie Cavill

The season ended on a poignant yet joyous note, with Melanie writing that now she can put on her helmet and walk into the white in peace. Fans were heartbroken as they see a black and white picture of Melanie holding on to a young Alexandra. Melanie protected the drives with her life, and the team finally discovered the warm places. The season finale ends with Layton deciding to get their train back, and the team embraces each other while looking into the positive possibility as Alexandra will take on the responsibility and become Snowpiercer’s newest engineer on board, just like her mother. The third season will see Wilford waging war against the rebels.

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