Snowfall Season 2 Episode 9: Aftermath

In this post, we are going to talk about the American crime drama television series Snowfall season 2 episode 9: Aftermath release date and spoilers. The show has been receiving enormous responses and the majority of them are positive. The show premiered on 5 July 2017 on FX, even though the show was initially created for Showtime. The show revolves around the first crack epidemic which happened in 1973. The show is situated in New York as it was is 1973, including the character who tries to make us understand the situation at that time.

Snowfall Season 2 Episode 9: Aftermath Release Date

The second season is eight-episode deep now, and the ninth episode will be broadcasted this week. The ninth episode of Snowfall season 2 is all set to release on 13 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on FX every Thursday. The second season will include 10 episodes, and we are done with eight episodes, so the end is near.

Snowfall Season 2 Episode 9: Aftermath

Snowfall Season 2 Episode 9: Aftermath Spoilers

As we know, Gustavo was taken as a hostage by Soledad. And we were waiting that when does he give up Lucia. But he was a strong man, he did not even utter a word related to Lucia. But finally, Lucia herself came into the play and met Soledad. Both wanted to trade their freedom for a promise of tracking down Matt and Teddy. They just wanted to be free, so they were not concerned about what are the requirements for it.

Also, we saw that Franklin got to know that his drugs were stolen by Leon (and was suspiciously by Wanda). Franklin tracked down Wanda and asked her, and she admitted that they have been stealing the drugs. Franklin took no time to fire her, and then she was handcuffed in a closet so she could not steal any more of Franklin’s goods. This was the most awful sides of this drug addiction.

In the upcoming episode, we might see this devastating scenes of drug addiction continuing. But surprisingly, we might see that Franklin will be served some horrifying news. Now, we really have no idea what it will be, but that is what we need to find out! Teddy is wild and out to save Matt, so he tried to improve his relationship with an enemy and makes him a friend. Lucia and Gustavo, who have their lives on the line as they have to find out where are Matt and Teddy. Lucia and Gustavo might be seen leaving Los Angeles and most probably they are going after Matt and Teddy.

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