Slow Loop Episode 4: Koharu and Hiyori’s Another Day at Fishing

Slow Loop Episode 4 release Date
Slow Loop Episode 4 release Date

Slow Loop is coming back again with another wonderful new episode that is going to be out very soon. The fans are waiting with a great deal of patience but their curiosity takes over it. So, just to feed that curiosity of the viewers, here we brought you the release date of episode 4 of Slow Loop, along with the preview of the previous episode and other details. Recently, the series has been popular among watchers and those who are fond of watching seinen anime. To be precise the anime belongs to the sports genre especially targeting the game of fishing. So, if you love to watch all soft, pretty, and “Kawai” stuff then this is for you.

Slow Loop was originally introduced as a manga series by author and illustrator Maiko Uchino. The manga was published by Houbunsha publications and began to serialize in Manga Time Kirara Forward. The publication dropped out its first volume on 22nd September 2018 and it is going on till now. It has already been collected into 5 tankobon volumes and we will get to see more in the future. An anime adaption of the manga was created by Connect Studio under the direction of Noriaki Akitaya. The screenplay of the anime was written by Yuka Yamada making it come out as one of the best of the year 2022.

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Slow Loop Plot

The plot of the anime series Slow Loop goes around the life of a young girl named Hiyori. The girl has recently lost her father and before he dies but left after teaching her fishing and ways to enjoy it. Now as time passed, whenever Hiyori feels low or sad she visits the river bank and does fishing while remembering her father. By nature, Hiyori is a very calm and quiet girl who generally feels shy to talk to strangers. One day as she was killing some loneliness near the riverbank, she met another young girl named Koharu. Surprisingly, Koharu was there for fishing too and now they bond together as they enjoy fishing and then eating together. However, the tables turn and they find out that they met each other was the very day they both were going to meet their new family. As they were too anxious about the meeting they arrive at the point and met each other.

This seems to be a coincidence at first but as they tell each other about how they both lost their parents it made the viewers doubt it. Other than Hiyori and Koharu, their parents also play a very important role in the series along with a classmate named Koi Yoshinaga. The series carries on with showing both of their journeys after this tragic event.

Slow Loop Episode 4 release Date
Slow Loop

Previously on Slow Loop Episode 3

The artwork and animation of the series are very cute and colorful which can easily make anyone mistake the series as a shoujo anime. But keeping the plot in mind and what happened with both of the protagonists it is more of a seinen anime. episode 3 of Slow Loop was titled “Thank You”, it began with Hiyori and Koharu together seeing their photo album. When Koharu saw the small Hiroyi she immediately named her “Mini Hi” because of her being so small and cute. Later, as they turn the pages of albums, Hiyori narrates how Koharu lost her brother and mother in a car accident and how she would have cried a lot upon knowing this. As the episode progresses, Hiyori, Koharu, and Koi go out fishing together.

Koharu was utterly mesmerized by watching Hiyorii fishing as she said that she is having so much fun just by watching Hiyori. They spend the time fishing, eating their lunch while feeling the cool breeze, however, their fun didn’t last a long as it started raining soon. By the end of this episode, we witnessed Hiryori camping with Haro’s family along with Koharu and Koi. On a freezing night they all ended up stargazing and all of them cherished their moments together. The progressing episode was so calming and proved very therapeutic.

Slow Loop Episode 4 release date
Koharu and Hiyori

Slow Loop Episode 4 Release Date

At the end of the previous episode, we got a glimpse into the next upcoming episode. We saw Hiyori and Koharu going on another fishing adventure as Koharu asks Hiyori whether she can take bananas for fish or not. The preview didn’t give out a lot of hints but we can predict that they might go out fishing and encounter other different situations. By the end of the preview, we also witnessed Hiyori dresses up as a maid which made fans excited to think about what made her dress like this. Another episode of growing bong between Hiyori, Koharu, and Koi will be out on 28th January 2022 and will be available to stream on Funimation. This episode is going to be very exciting and cute at the same time so make sure you stream it.

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