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Spoilers & Preview: Slime Diaries Episode 12

Slime Diaries
Slime Diaries

The Great Rimuru decided to relax with his monster nation after conquering his enemies. The Jura Tempest became a place of peace, love, and no war. Slime Diaries has concluded; let’s find how the Jura Tempest will celebrate the last event of their life. Rimuru and Demon Lord Milimi had a meeting after realizing they were about to close the year’s calendar. He reminds Milimi that it is almost Christmas in the other world, Santa Claus will be traveling around the world.

Rimuru realizes Santa Claus is an unknown man who flies around in sleight, delivering presents to good children. An idea came, and he realizes that he can act like Santa during Christmas time. Rimuru thinks that with the help of his powers, he can stay hidden in shadow and uses a magical beast that can fly to do the Santa job. Great Sage interferes and analysis the characteristics of Santa Claus’s movement. Great Sage reminds Rimuru that Santa Claus stays hidden, leaves presents by pillows undetected, and deliver many presents in a day while hiding from children.

Rimuru wonders if Santa from another world does those movements. Rimuru asks if there are any Otherworlders in this world named Santa Claus. Shun, Rigur, and Milimi seem to have no clue. Rimuru comments that Santa is a mystery and thinks about Thunder Cross. Milimi told Rimuru if Thunder Cross is the new technique, it won’t work on her. Rimuru replies that it is a person’s name after noticing that Milimi is squeezing his head. The episode title is ”Where Is Santa Claus.” Rigur wonders what Christmas is and questions Rimuru.

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Rimuru realizes that every Christmas, Rigur asks the same questions. Rimuru told Rigur that Christmas is the day they celebrate the birth of an important person in history. He replies that at Christmas, they get a fir tree, cake, turkey, and presents. Rigur started to wonder who is that person and thinks that they must praise that person. Rimuru replies that they don’t have to be one of his believers. Rigur wonders why they don’t have to applaud that guy. Rigur asks where this Santa person is.

Rimuru replies that Santa sneaks into the house at night doing his nightshift job. Rimuru thought that Rigur wanted to ask him about that vital person. Rigur believes that the person who sneaks into the house at night is a thief. Rimuru realizes that it will be difficult to explain why Santa sneaks inside the house. He remembers that in the human world, it was customary for people to believe the Santa Story. Rigur waits for Rimuru to give more explanations. Rimuru talked about drinking and eating at Christmas.

Rigur gets excited to hear about the presents and thinks Santa will give him more stuff when Christmas arrives. Thus Tempest began preparations for a big Christmas party. The next day Rimuru taught his nation how they make decorations for Christmas. Shion wonders if the Christmas tree will light up, and Rimuru told her to count on Dwarf. The Dwarf guy told Shioun to wait and see miracles in the evening. The Dwarf crew got dressed like Santa copying Rimuru and commented that the long beards make them look like old geezers.

Slime Diaries

Slime Diaries

Hercules Edge

Meanwhile, in a nearby Kingdom, the King wears Santa’s clothes and asks his men how he looks. The man replies that he looks fantastic, but they were scared to tell him that he looks weird. The King reveals that he received the message from his junior, and he decided to wear Santa’s costume. Shion challenged the old geezer and wore a mini Santa’s outfit. She comments that those old geezers won’t stop her. Rimuru wonders if she is not feeling cold since winter.

Shion reminds Rimuru that she is a monster and took out her blade. Rimuru wonders why she has to act like a guard at Christmas. Shion comments that she wants to make sure that everyone enjoys this Christmas. Rimuru told her that Shion had no need to carry the Hercules Edge and told her to put it away. Shion realizes that no one will trouble them at Christmas and decide to put the Hercules Edge. Shion is glad that Christmas will strengthen the bond between the residence of Tempest.

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Rimuru gets furious when Shion talks about lovers and tells her that they don’t have to talk about that one. Milimi enters the room after kicking the door. Rimuru wonders if she didn’t see the message written on the door. The note that got written, please open the door quietly falls in from of Milimi. Milimi ignored that and talked about Christmas, and Rimuru realizes that Milimi heard everything from Shion. Finally, the day of Christmas arrives, and the Tempest nation celebrates it in style. Shun offers a Christmas cake to everyone.

Slime Diaries Episode 12 Release Date

Slime Diaries Episode 12 release date is 22 June 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can officially watch Slime Diaries online on Crunchyroll.

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