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Slime Diaries Episode 1 Trailer Revealed

Slime Diaries

Slime Diaries is a spin-off anime adapted from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Slime Diaries continues with the same characters from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.  One day Rimuru gets hold of a diary and decides to write something inside the diary. He decided to write everything that he has experienced and encountered in his life. Slime Diaries will be airing soon this month. Take a look at the weekly schedule as you proceed, and you won’t miss a single update.

Rimuru decided to write about I got reincarnated as a slime; How They Spend Their Days Off, Spring is in the Air, The First Tanabata,
Summer in Jura, A Day in Swimsuits Recreating, and Summer Festivals Transition with the Passage of Time. That was when Rimuru’s adventure begins with his friend inside the Tempest. Rimuru is living in a different world from another one that has a different lifestyle. Let’s find more about who is Rimuru below.

Slime Diaries Summary

Rimuru appears as a blue slime, but he became the Demon Slime, and his body turns into silver with streaks of gold. He uses his powers to create his nation. When he encounters different incidents, he started to gain the ability to become a human. In a mimicry form, Rimuru’s hair turns into blue-silver hair. People thought that he was a girl because his appearance and original form belong to Shizu Izawa. He wears a mask that reminds him of Shizu, but after a few struggles, his hair color changes and looks like his slime form.

The Nation of Tempest

Slime Diaries

When he got reincarnated as Slime, he gained the ability called Predator. The Predator ability allows him to mimic anything and possess any skill. He met with a dragon that he saved, and they become good friends. The dragon became Rimuru’s pet after saving it from the seal that happened 300 years. The dragon was sealed to stop it from rampaging and destroying the town. But Rimuru manages to communicate with the dragon, and it listened to his commands.

Rimuru becomes popular due to his wisdom, loyalty, and honesty to the monster’s nation. They made him the king and called him Great Rimuru. He started a monster nation called the nation of Tempest. The Tempest grows wisely in strength and dominance, and Rimuru’s ability attracts the Demon Lords’ attention. The Demons Lords decided to form an alliance with him and exchange goods and services. But some of the Demon Lords have allied with him to take the nation of Tempest down.

Later Rimuru finds the truth about the Demon Lods who want to destroy his nation. But it was too late since they have managed to kill half of his nation. Rimuru controls his emotions and comes up with the plan to become a Demon Lord. The plan worked perfectly, and he harvested all of his enemies. He uses the souls of his enemies to revives the nation he has lost. The nation of Tempest was restored and regain its hor again. No one dares to stand in front of the new Demon Lord Slime.

Rimuru’s Appearance

Slime Diaries

Slime Diaries

Myulan was the mastermind of Rimuru’s destruction, but she changed and played an important role in reviving the nation of Tempest. Rimuru’s appearance is related to Shuzu since she was possed by Ifrit for more than decades. He realizes that his body has equal mass with the human form, and he fills it with solid shape instead of black fog. But he won’t be able to maintain the form without black fog. He doesn’t breathe or does other humans stuff in his slime form, but he can eat and drink.

He wears Kimono and clothes that Shuna makes for him. But sometimes, he put on Shizu’s mask to hide the monster’s aura. When the ritual of becoming a Demon Lord is finished, he is involved in his race from Slime to Demon Slime. Rimuru changes his costume after becoming the Demon Slime. Tempest has finally got the peace that Rimuru always wanted.

He plans to co-exist with humans and stop the evils from destroying his nation. After the war is over, Rimuru is finally free and decided to write everything inside his Slime Diaries. Let’s join Rimuru on the next episode of Slime Diaries. The next episode will be revealing Rimuru’s first diary: Spring is in the Air. Don’t miss it; take a look at the schedule of the next episode below.

Slime Diaries Episode 1 Release Date and Official Trailer

Slime Diaries Episode 1 will air on Tuesday, 6 April 2021, at 11:00 PM JST. You can officially watch Slime Diaries online on Crunchyroll. Please watch the trailer to understand what Slime Diaries is all about.

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