Sleepover Club Episode 2 Release Date: Taking Care of The Stressed Out FC Anaconda Ladies Continues

sleepover club episode 2
Sleepover Club

In case you don’t have the latest Korean variety show all about friendship and relaxation in the great outdoors Sleepover Club on your radar, you are greatly missing out! But since the show won’t take too long to catch up to, with only Sleepover Club Episode 2 right around the corner, it shouldn’t take much heavy lifting. With fun and games and also segments of relaxation that are meant to heal the stressed-out ladies of Kick A Goal Season 2, viewers might find this variety show as the perfect supplement for chilling after a busy day.

Sleepover Club, aka Shooting Night Out, is a variety show with hosts Lee Soo Geun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and Lee Jin Ho, and featuring the ladies of FC Anaconda who just got done losing in the highly watched and highly controversial football variety show Kick A Goal Season 2.

Some viewers are already hooked on the show because they get to see their favorite pair of Lee Soo Geun and Kyuhyun back on the small screen. The hosts make up the “Sleepover Inc.” who will take care of the worn-out ladies of FC Anaconda, drive them to scenic places, and rejuvenate their senses with good food, good company, and lots of fun activities. The domestic viewership rating is already high, with 3.8% in the metropolitan area, so viewers are anticipating Sleepover Club Episode 2 a lot!

Shin Ah Young Pregnancy Announcement

Kyuhyun has transformed into a guide for the travel agency “Sleepover Inc.”, taking care of all the FC Anaconda members while also gracing them with his singing voice while they were on the move in the van. Lee Soo Geun is their designated driver because he has a special license. Meanwhile, Lee Jin Ho will be taking care of all the small tasks and cooking that have to get done.

As the gang was gorging on their delicious meal, Lee Soo Geun broke out into a congratulatory song and announced, “Congratulations to Shin Ah Young on your pregnancy!” All the members were pleasantly shocked and didn’t delay showering Ah Young with sincere congratulations. Of course, the next topic of curiosity was the timing of conceiving, and Shin Ah Young revealed that it was when she was busy filming Kick a Goal Season 2.

sleepover club episode 2
Moments from SBS Sleepover Club.

“I came to know about it pretty late… I was actually already pregnant during the last two matches I played on Kick a Goal Season 2. I was a bit out of sorts during my last game.” Shin Ah Young then expressed how grateful she is for her team.

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Sleepover Club Episode 2 Release Date & Episode Preview

Sleepover Club Episode 2 will be released on 11th May 2022 (Wednesday) at 10:40 PM KST. For other areas, that is 11:40 PM AEST, 7:10 PM IST, and 9:40 AM EST. At the end of Ep 1 of Sleepover Club, we saw the women of FC Anaconda ending the day by playing a fun game of kicking a teapot with a football as the sun set down. For the next episode, they get served delicacies made by the Sleepover Inc. using the freshest ingredients from the countryside they are filming in – this includes freshly made chive kimchi and the juiciest grilled meat (we recommend keeping copious amounts of snacks in your arsenal for this episode).

sleepover club episode 2
Moments from SBS Sleepover Club.

We also have a special guest in Ep 2 of Sleepover Club, and it’s none other than Roh Yoon Joo! Then, Lee Soo Geun announces a singing contest with all of the FC Anaconda members, where all the members let go of all inhibitions to dance and sing their hearts out (including a dance cover of ‘Adult Ceremony’ by Park Ji Yoon). Of course, resident ballad singer Kyu Hyun also shows off his vocal chops.

Watch Sleepover Club Episode 2 Online – Streaming Details

Episode 2 of the hit variety show Sleepover Club will air first on the South Korean television network SBS2. After that, viewers from all over the world can watch Sleepover Club Ep 2 with subtitles of their choice on Rakuten Viki by clicking here.

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