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Sleepaway Camp Ending Explained

Sleepaway Camp Ending Explained
Sleepaway Camp Ending Explained

Sleepaway Camp was released a long time ago but surely did exceed all our expectations. The tale launched back in 1983 and excels in the crime and horror department. It can be considered an American slasher film. Robert Hiktzik is the one who has directed the whole project and even served as the executive producer on the set. The movie got so famous that the creators decided to make a couple more sequels and prequels. As of right now, there is a whole huge franchise based on these films. The main plot is about a young girl who was sent to a summer camp.

Although, her entire life turns around when this place becomes a location for a variety of murders. The film stars actress Fellissa Rose in the main role. This movie was released at a time when the slasher genre was the jam. The fact that made the whole franchise famous is its twists. They are actually one of the most shocking ones in the entire genre. Since the point that Sleepaway Camp has released the films have gained a huge fan following as well as a positive response.

As for the plot, it starts back in 1975 with John Baker. We see him with his partner Lenny. The two take Angela as well as Peter, John’s kids, to a boating trip which is located near Camp Arawak. Here, the kids decide to prank their father by capsizing their boats. The two decide to swim into the water where Lenny is still waiting for them. Although, Mary Anna, their camp counselor is a reckless human who struck John and Peter with her speedboat. This killed the three of them and Angela is the only one who is now alive.

Sleepaway Camp Ending Explained

A still from Sleepaway Camp


Now the camera shifts to 8 years later where Angela is now living with her eccentric aunt named Dr. Martha Thomas. Her aunt has one son named Ricky. After the accident, Angela has never been to Camp Arawak ever but aunt Martha wants her to go with Ricky who has been there before. Now, we see that Angela is pretty shy and introverted. This is why she gets bullied and made fun of while being at the camp. Her troublers actually are Judy, her bunkmate we as their counselor named Meg.

Although, there are some helpful people around her as well such ad Susie, her counselor, and the camp head counselor named Ronnie. Artie thinks of taking the taste of the whole situation and tries to molest Angela. Although, Ricky catches him and later the two siblings run out. Later, we see that an unseen figure appears and throws Artie the cook into a container of boiling hot water. This is how he burns himself out severely. Well, people in the camp dub this event as an accident.

Sleepaway Camp Ending Explained

On the other hand, we see that Kenny and Mike again take a shot at Angela and start to mock her. But Ricky along with his friend Paul fights them. We see that Paul and Angela get pretty close and he even asks her to attend a film with him. Later, it gets noticed by all the people that whoever hurts Angela or even her feelings, is getting killed one by one. Now, here are some major spoilers about the film and if you have not already watched the tale, I suggest you do so before proceeding ahead. We have wrapped the possible explanation of the end of this movie.

In the concluding moments, we are greeted with a flashback. We see the generous Aunt Martha who welcomes the survivor of the boat accident into her home. Although, we get to know that it was Angela who died in the accident in 1975, not Peter. Martha took custody of the boy but raised him just like a girl. Although, something bizarre happens at the camp. In the end, Peter kills Paul. He then stands naked covered in blood with a blank expression. Susie and Ronnie are standing in front of him while he growls like an animal.

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