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Slate Korean Movie Review

South Korean movie slate movie review
Recently released South Korean movie slate

Slate Korean Movie Review is somethings we all are waiting for. The recently released movie, slate is making much of a buzz in the industry. The South Korean movie slate is a recently released movie. The action drama movie has captivated the attention of many viewers and audiences. Movies that usually fun, exciting, and thrilling to watch do much greater than the others. So how is the movie? Should one watch it or not. What the movie is all about will be all discussed here in detail.  The movie starring Ah Ji Hye is an eye-catcher and filled with actions to make your day perfect. If you are looking for something fun, exciting, and thrilling to watch for a short amount of time, this movie is a great catch for you then.

The dreams about becoming an amazing action star. The struggles involved in the path of completing one’s dream are all about the story of the movie. The dreams and aspirations of a common girl and how she struggles hard to fulfill them will keep you inquisitive throughout to know more and more about the movie. The duration of the movie is not much longer; it is absolutely a must-try for a one-time watchable experience. Good Korean movies are anyway hard to find, unlike dramas. But not all the time; we have such patience and time in our hands for a good drama, right. So, in your free time, if you want to watch something unique yet Asian and short story, this movie seems to be just perfect for you. Before getting into the other details about the movie, let’s get to know the plot of the movie first.

Slate Korean Movie Review and Plot Analysis

movie review Slate

A Still from the South Korean movie slate

The duration and performance, the movie is a must-watch. If you have less time in your hand and are craving for some action, then this movie seems to be the right match for you. The overall story of the movie revolves around its main characters. Cha Yeon Hee is the main female protagonist of the movie. Other main characters of the movie include Philip, Soul Slayer, and Kim Ji Na. The movie is filled with action, fiction, drama, and fantasy. Cha Yeon Hee being the main character of the movie, is the one on whom the entire story revolves. She is great in action and has great skills in swordsmanship.

Though she is passionate enough as well as talented in her field yet achieving something she wants seems to be much harder than she thought off. Her struggles continue, and she dreams of becoming a huge and famous action star one day, But will that ever come true is the question. An unusual event happens when one day, she goes for an action sequence and falls into a trap. She seems to confuse and, firstly, not knowing what is going around. People there carry swords in their hands and kill each other directly without much thought. She finds herself as the savior for the people around her and starts protecting them. She immediately starts fighting the evil to protect the good people around her and emerges as a real-life lead heroine. What happens next, how the story unfolds is all evident in the movie.

The Cast of the Korean Movie Slate

South Korean movie slate plot analysis

A Still from South Korean movie slate

As for the cast, the direction of the movie was done under Jo Ba Reun. The movie is also popularly known as Seulleiteu. In the main lead role, we have Ahn Ji Hye, Park Tae San, and Lee Se Ho. In the supporting role, we have Lee Min Ji as Kim Ji Na. Actress Ahn Ji Hye has been cast for the role of Cha Yeon Hee. Actor Park Tae San has been cast for the role of Philip. Lee Se Ho has been cast for the role of Soul Slayer. The movie was released on 8th April 2021 with a duration of hr 35min. The genre of the movie includes action, drama, science fiction, and fantasy. The recently released movie is still in much talks amongst the audience. Any new update on the movie will be given as a priority here.

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