Skeleton Knight In Another World Release Announced with New PV

Skeleton Knight In Another World release date
Skeleton Knight In Another World Anime Adaptation

2022 just would not be complete if there wasn’t at least one Isekai anime dropping in to elate all fans. Bringing in all the fun of living in another land is the upcoming anime adaptation of Skeleton Knight In Another World. Based on the light novel by the same name, fans of the source are excited about its premiere. The anime brings forth new and unique paths of living in a different world. As for Isekai fans like myself, the fantasy elements of the anime look too amazing to miss out on. The anime adaptation intrigued fans, and it’s time for those who are unaware of the source to get excited about yet another beaming fantasy and other-world anime. With the recent announcement of the Skeleton Knight In Another World release date, fans should begin preparing for the anime’s premiere because it (the premiere) is closer than you think.

The Light novel source titled “Skeleton Knight In Another World” is written by Enki Hakari and illustrated by KeG. It is published by Overland under the Overlap Novels imprint and has been translated to English and published overseas by Seven Seas Entertainment. Launched in 2015, the light novel has 9 volumes at the time of writing and is currently ongoing. The plot revolves majorly around a gamer and his expeditions when he gets teleported into a game mysteriously. Skeleton Knight In Another World is an enjoyable light novel that any Isekai fan should look forward to.

Looking for more details about the anime? Here is everything we know about the Skeleton Knight In Another World release date and more.

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A gamer wakes up and finds himself in a game. What’s even more surprising is that he now has the same appearance as his avatar in the game. He now looks like a skeleton, much to his shock. Going with his instincts of survival, he decides to hide his face from everyone and lay low. However, when he sees a group of bandits, he finds himself struggling between his morals and his survival instinct. His patience breaks when he sees them about to rape two women. He decides to get involved and kills the bandits, thus saving the two women.

The two women are Lauren, a woman of royalty, and her maid, Rita Farren. The gamer introduces himself as Arc Lalatoya in return. They want to reward him, but he refuses, for he does not want to get involved with the royal line, afraid of getting seen. Though he agrees to escort them to Rubierute. At the end of the journey, Rita gifts him a copper passport that will allow him to travel anywhere within the country.

With the allowance to move anywhere, Arc discovers new regions’ powers and meets several new characters in his journey.

Skiaw anime
Official Teaser: Skeleton Knight In Another World

Skeleton Knight In Another World Release Date

The source Light novel is quite popular among Japanese readers. Following its popularity, the light novel was finally picked up for an anime adaptation. The anime was announced initially on 17 April 2021. As per the mode recent update on 21 January 2022, the Skeleton Knight In Another World Release date will be sometime in April 2022. Although a specific date is yet to be announced, it is truly rejoicing to know that the anime will premier in Spring 2022.

The anime will be broadcast on AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, and BS11 in Japan. For international viewers, it has been licensed for streaming by Crunchyroll and Muse Communication.

Official Trailer

Along with the first release date announcement, the anime also released an official trailer to promote the upcoming anime.


The cast of Skeleton Knight In Another World comprises several talented voice actors. Tomoaki Maeno will voice the protagonist Arc Lalatoya, Fairouz Ai will voice Ariane Glenys Maple, Nene Hieda will voice Ponta, Miyu Tomita will voice Chiyome, Takuya Eguchi will voice Danka, Kohsuke Toriumi will voice Dillan, Yūko Minaguchi will voice Glenys, and Ryota Takeuchi will voice Goemon.

Skeleton Knight In Another World
Anime: Skeleton Knight In Another World


The animation production of Skeleton Knight In Another World is done by Studio Kai and Hornets. Katsumi Ono is directing the anime while Takeshi Kikuchi compiles the scripts. Eba and Tsubasa Ito are composing the anime’s music. Tōru Imanishi is drafting the characters.

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