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Sisyphus: The Myth Ending Explained

Sisyphus: The Myth ending explanation
Official poster for Sisyphus: The Myth (Credit: JTBC)

Time paradox is really a bad thing. The worst thing is someone getting involved in the same thing. No one has experienced the time travelling thing in reality. But, many series and movies are featuring the existence of the time travelling and getting involved in the time loop. Sisyphus: The Myth was one such series. It aired at the beginning of 2021 and came to an end the last month. Sisyphus: The Myth explanation as the show focuses on the existence of a time-travelling loop that too between the past and the future.

The word Sisyphus came from Greek mythology, which denotes eternity. So, the name of the show itself means eternity and the continuity of the events. Furthermore, Park Shin-Hye in the leading cast in an action scene role made the series more enjoyable. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the confusion left behind the show for most of the audiences. But, most time-travelling series is almost like this only, leaving the interpretation up to the viewers. Now, let’s get into further details about the ending of the time paradox show.

Sisyphus: The Myth Ending: Highlights

Sisyphus: The Myth ended with Han Tae-Shul and Gang Seo-Ha saving the world. A lot of events take place in the paradox of time travelling in the ending. It mainly features the moments of when and where and whether to save the girl or the world. In the first instance, Seo-Hae and Tae-Sul successfully evade Sigma and changes the future. Someone shots Sigma and kills him. Then, they use the Uploader to go back into the past with the help of Mr Park. However, it does not feature who killed Sigma. The pair travels back to the time wherein Tae-Shul locks Seo-Hae in a bunker.

What happens at the ending of Sisyphus: The Myth

A glimpse from the ending of Sisyphus: The Myth wherein Tae-Shul and Seo-Ha are together (Credit: JTBC)

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The next thing we see is the pair going to meet Seo-Hae’s father in a police station. They asked him to take care of Gil-Bok at that time. Then, we see the previous scenes of Tae-Shul buying a sniper and gun from Mr Park. The church scene also takes place again, wherein the time loop has started. But, Edward Kim appears at the end and changes everything while holding Seo-Hae at gunpoint. But Tae-Shul shoots himself to save everything, everyone and the world. Naturally, everything will change. The ending shows to the beginning with Tae-Shul and Seo-Hae flying together in the plane happily.

As for Seo Gil-Bok, he does not end up becoming Sigma in the end. However, the ending features a notebook with Seo Gil-Bok containing all the events that took place in fragments. All the words starting from Sigma to the Uploader and Tae Shul everything is written in the notebook. The ending even shows how Gil-Bok tries to imitate Tae-Shul at last by looking at him in the Forbes Magazine. He even says Tae-Shul’s line while looking at himself in the mirror to not look at him like that.

Sisyphus: The Myth: Ending Explanation

Sisyphus: The Myth ending is opined by different people differently. Well, I must say such a series is difficult to understand with someone getting involved in the never-ending time loop. But, Sisyphus: The Myth did try to give some justification to the time travelling and time loop event even after leaving lots of questions and confusion in the minds of the viewers. It also left the potentiality for another season. For starters, the ending scene from the plane did not happen in reality according to me. It was a conscious existence from Tae-Shul’s perspective like shown in episode 11, wherein Tae-Shul goes to the past of Seo-Hae for saving her.

We already know how Tae-Shul killed himself for saving everything. So, he can never exist in reality again. Furthermore, he and Seo-Hae can never be together without destroying the world as the future Seo-Hae will come again and again in the past for repeating the same sets of events. As for Tae-Shul, he already knew that he could not choose Seo-Hae over and over against the world. He even knew his existence would lead to the destruction of the world, which he cannot avoid at any cost. There are always some loose ends left no matter how one time travels continuously for saving the future.

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