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Spoilers & Preview: Sisyphus Episode 17

Sisyphus: The Myth updates on ep 17
K-Drama Sisyphus: The Myth

Sisyphus Episode 17 is not releasing any day soon. But why is it so? Why isn’t the handsome pair back on screen yet? Will there be any second season or 17th episode for the drama Sisyphus? let’s dig deep into the topic. Many a time, we have seen the internationally broadcasted series coming back on screen. If not with a second season immediately, but with a special episode. As soon as the drama went off the air, we stopped receiving any news updates about it. The production hasn’t yet revealed whether the series will come back with a season 2 or not. Though the ratings of the series dropped down to a certain level towards the ending yet, the drama had a different fan base of its own. Many fans who followed the drama regularly weren’t satisfied with the ending, or they demand a renewal of the same.

The plot of Sisyphus was highly intellectual; the planning of the drama started years before the actual casting and production. Since 2019 we were being updated on the same, but now that the series has officially gone off the air, it seems a little empty, isn’t it. There was no doubt that the series created a buzz around itself, and any new updates on the show would immediately trend on the social media platforms. The drama started airing officially on 17th February 2021 and went off the air on 8th April 2021. The drama starring Cho Seung-Woo and Park Shin-Hye was JTBC’s 10th-anniversary special drama. No updates as of now have come for the 17th episode of the drama.

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Sisyphus Episode 17 Plot Analysis

updates on episode 17 Sisyphus: The Myth

A Still from the K-drama Sisyphus: The Myth

After the ending of the drama with its episode, 16 fans are eagerly waiting for the 17th episode. The 17th episode may answer the questions which were left aloof, or it could be a mixture of the best times of the drama altogether. As of now, the production hasn’t confirmed anything about the special episode or the renewal of the drama. Still, as the estimation suggests on high demand and requests by the fans, the production may consider making a 17th episode of the same. But exactly you can get to see it; there is no certainty on that. As the data suggests, if a special episode of the drama is aired, it would be aired really soon. But if not, it may never really air.

The overall plot of the drama revolved around two main characters Kang Seo Hae and Han Tae Sul. Han Tae Sul is a brilliant engineer and is also the co-founder of Quantum and Time. He has everything, a good IQ, fashion sense, good looks, and everything that makes a human just perfect. His main objective was to find the reality behind his brother’s death 10 years ago. Kang Seo Hae is his savior from the future who came to save him since saving him would ultimately mean saving the world. She fears that the world is in danger, and together they can fight the evil. On 8th April 2021, the drama officially went off the air, and it seems like there is too little chance for the show to actually get renewed.

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Sisyphus Episode 17 Release Date

will Sisyphus: The Myth have an episode 17

A Still from the K-Drama Sisyphus: The Myth

So, far there is no actual confirmation on the drama’s renewal or having an episode 17. Yet if there is any new update from the production, it would be surely shared as a priority. Since the drama did not leave us on any cliffhanging, so the chances of the renewal of the show become even less. But if the production wants, it can air a special episode on the huge requests from the fans all over the globe. Park Shin Hye has a huge international fan base. And it is the reason why any topics related to her are always trending. The actual release date of the drama was on 17th February 2021. And it went off the air on 8th April 2021.

Any new updates on the drama will surely be shared as a priority. The drama is available on the international streaming site Netflix. The genres of the drama include action, thriller, mystery, drama, romance, and fantasy. The direction of the drama was done under Jin Hyeok. With the screenwriting under Jeon Chan Ho and Lee Je In.

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