Single’s Inferno’s Moon Se Hoon Sits Down To Talk About His Ideal Type & Favourite K-pop Artists!

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Han Se Hoon

Moon Se Hoon had recently posted a Q&A video on his youtube channel answering fans’ burning questions. Moon Se Hoon had gained instant fame after starring in the Korean dating show Single’s Inferno. However, he had also gained mixed reactions from viewers worldwide. Many people hated Se Hoon for his stalking and creepy behavior towards Ji Yeon in the beginning episodes. Netizens did not like the fact that even when Ji Yeon seemingly turned him down, he still followed her wherever she went. Nonetheless, as the episodes went by, the audience realized that Se Hoon was yet another victim of evil-editing. The Single’s Inferno star has also talked about the amount of hate he received.

He revealed that the start of the first four episodes was hell for him because of the immense hate he had been receiving. Se Hoon joked that he had learned English by reading the hate comments that were sent to him on a regular basis. In addition to that, he even accepted that due to the evil-editing, he also found himself psychotic when watching the show. Other than the hate, Se Hoon had also praised Ji Yeon in one of his latest interviews. This makes fans even more sure that the two are still dating. Keep reading to see whether Moon Se Hoon is in love with anyone currently, who is his ideal type, and which K-pop artist does he like the most!

Moon Se Hoon Reveals Whether He Is In Love With Someone

Moon Se Hoon had uploaded his first content on his youtube channel, answering the questions fans had asked him via Instagram. Upon being asked whether he is in love with someone, Se Hoon funnily replied by saying that he is full of love right now. This guy sure knows how to dodge questions well! Next, he was asked what his ideal type is. Se Hoon talked about his idol type before going to the show were women with a powerful vibe from them. However, after the show, his idol type has changed. A fan took the Q&A as an opportunity to flirt a bit with the Single’s Inferno star. The fan said that they find Se Hoon really charming and whether he was born looking good? Se Hoon adorably laughed at the question and said he likes questions like these.

Moon Se Hoon
Moon Se Hoon

Se Hoon even answered a fan who asked why he hasn’t liked Ji Yeon’s post on Instagram. He funnily replied by saying whether he should do it now. Another fan asked him a really juicy question which was, who would he like to meet off-camera, Ji Yeon, Su Min, or Min Ji. Se Hoon made all his and Ji Yeon’s hearts flutter when he said that he would definitely pick Ji Yeon. This is just one of the reasons why people still ship Se Hoon and Ji Yeon after they left the island together.

The Single’s Inferno Star Talks About His Favourite K-pop Group

Everyone has their favorite K-pop groups, so fans wanted to know which group had stolen the heart of the star the most. When he read the question, without even a second of thought, Se Hoon quickly replied by saying his favorite group is none other than TWICE. Guess TWICE gives Se Hoon The Feels! Se Hoon further went on to cement his true ONCE status and not just a casual listener by saying that he had also attended their concert, which had been held in South Korea back in the December of 2021. He said that he jumped a lot, didn’t shout and waved his lightstick and had a lot of fun at their concert.

Moon Se Hoon
Moon Se Hoon

Social media users even found evidence that what Seo hoon was saying was completely true. Because when you look back at his post, Se Hoon had actually posted a post on his Instagram account saying that he had attended the K-pop girl group’s concert. Well, with girls as beautiful, talented, and fun as the members of TWICE, who can bear not falling in love with them!

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