Sightless Ending Explained: The Reality Created Out Of Obsession

The Ending Of Sightless
From Sightless Featuring Madelaine Petsch as Ellen Ashland

The Netflix Original Sightless comes out as quite a thriller that may go with a simple premise to start with. We have a story of a woman who went blind after a mysterious man attacked her. With no one on her side, her nurse hired by her brother starts taking care of her. He teaches her the new life as a blind person. There is a mystery of the attacker being investigated and at the same time, the woman starts taking interest in a matter on the other side of the room. You may believe that’s all the main character is trying to figure out but the ending of Sightless tells us that this wasn’t real after all.

So, breaking down the same, we are trying to get a sense of how the story of Sightless directed by Cooper Karl unfolds towards its ending. A simple premise that was just an altered reality for the main character played by Riverdale Star Madelaine Petsch. So anyway, let’s look at the plot summary and start answering questions such as the reality of the room the main character was living, the mystery her nurse carried, and what was on the other side of the room.

Sightless Plot Summary

Sightless tells the story of Ellen Ashland, a popular violinist who is attacked by a stranger one fine night. The stranger not only beat her but also sprayed something on her eyes leaving her to go blind. Detective Bryce pays her a visit the next day at the hospital to get a more clear insight into the events. All Ellen could remember is the attacker’s long hair and a mask he would wear. Detective Bryce marks out the only suspect to be her ex-husband who had a lot of enemies.

Ellen tried to contact her only family, her brother but he couldn’t come for the next two months. Thus leading him to send an experienced nurse Clayton. Ellen’s brother booked her an apartment. Clayton will be arriving every day at around 11.00 am to take care of her. Clayton’s experience also sees him using his own unique techniques to teach blind people to walk on their own He will talk to them and guide them by explaining the structure of the room so that they can reach out to things they want.

Plot For Sightless
From Sightless Featuring Madelaine Petsch as Ellen Ashland and Alexander Koch as Clayton

Ellen at this point had only one friend in form of Clayton. Things took a turn when one night she heard a couple fighting across the room. She later put up a note to invite her neighbor to meet. Ellen did meet the woman living next door named Lana but Lana lied her way through. For some reason, she already knew Ellen wasn’t blind right from her childhood. Then Lana also claimed she was in her 40s which was a lie too.

Ellen had a doubt Lana was suffering from domestic violence. Lana’s locked room and her fear for her husband told her a lot. Amidst all of this, Clayton and Ellen also came closer. Ellen told him about her thoughts on Lana but Clayton didn’t push it. He on his side told her about his past and how he took care of his ill bed-ridden mother as a kid as she made birdcages and she and her sister acted out. Also how he compares his job to acting. Everything was smooth until the masked killer returned one night.

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Sightless Ending Explained: The Reality

So, Ellen woke up the next day right after the killer’s second attack. She sees the cops but they come to the conclusion there was no attack. No sign of forced entry and the injuries they see are somewhat self-inflicted damage. Coming to the investigation, the cops came to the conclusion that it was her best friend Sasha. She has a history of stalking and facing loss because of her ex-husband. So this might be some sort of revenge. Ellen’s frustration from her life saw her jumping from the balcony later. But she didn’t die.

Ellen woke up in a soundproof room that is producing the sounds of traffic and chaos you can hear on the roads of bigger cities. There was a bigger conspiracy at the play. She later came across Lana again who gave her a hint that this mess only has to do with Clayton.

The Reality In Sightless
From Sightless Featuring Madelaine Petsch as Ellen Ashland and Alexander Koch as Clayton

Ellen later confronted Clayton who confessed that she was at a facility. The purpose of this place is to help people like her. For a moment she believed him until Clayton gifted her a costly violin that resembled the one she played. The one she lost the day she was attacked.

The violin struck many questions in Ellen’s mind. She started connecting dots with the help of her other senses. Thus crossing out similarities between all the people she has met since going blind. All of them except for Lana seem to carry some sort of similar habits. This only made sense as Clayton had mentioned about him looking at this job as an acting gig. Ellen came to the conclusion that Clayton was playing all the people from nurses to Detectives to medics.

Ellen’s Escape & Clayton’s Confession

After summing things up, Ellen attacked Clayton to mark her escape. This saw her coming across the rooms he curated his get-ups in. Also, the hospital room where Ellen woke up in the first place. She was the one held captive all this time. In the same room, she found Lana who was forced to work with Clayton who is her brother. But before they can mark their escape through the only door, Clayton came confronting them.

Did Ellen Escape In The Ending Of Sightless
From Sightless Featuring Alexander Koch as Clayton

Clayton went on to confess about the damage his drunk father inflicted upon him after his mother left him. Clayton’s father hit him and locked him in a cage. Amidst the darkness, his mother’s favorite music, as in Ellen’s beautiful music pieces got him through that darkness. He wanted to help her the same way by being her light. That’s the reason he went to lengths to take her eyesight away.

Towards the ending of Sightless, Ellen realized the crazy she was dealing with. She struggled to fight but in the end, managed to find the same spray that took her eyesight. She sprayed it on Clayton’s eyes. Ellen and Lana together escaped Clayton’s den. We don’t know what went down with him later but Ellen was able to handle herself as a blind person. The movie closed with Ellen getting back on the stage to perform.

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