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Siesta Key Season 5: Release Date, Season Recap & Expectations

Siesta key season 5 release date
Siesta key poster

After being left in suspense at Season four finale, all of us are wondering about the Siesta Key season 5 release date. No worries! In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about Siesta Key’s release date, cast, and much more. Another show ‘Laguna Beach: The real Orange Country’ is the inspiration behind Siesta Key. This show was aired in the early 2000s while Siesta Key’s first season got aired in July 2017. In the past six years, the show has completed four seasons with 68 episodes. And now, Siesta Key is back with the Season 5 release date and cast. It’s exciting watching the cast, their fights, their struggle, and their comebacks.

Siesta Key is an American reality television show whose creators are Mark Ford and Warren Skeels. The show’s theme centers around a bunch of Young adults who spends summer together in their hometown while discovering what they want & who they want to become. They face numerous issues, Heartbreaks, career, and whole adulthood confusion. The show is the representation of how our generation faces difficulties and how difficult adulthood can be. Siesta Key is an island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Sarasota. Below you’ll find everything related to Siesta Key Season 5 release date, cast, season 4 recap, and where to watch.

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Siesta Key (season 1-3):

Before we jump to season four recap, let’s look behind from season one to three. In season one we saw the younger version of the current cast. They get invited by Alex into the island. Alex is confused between Maddison and Juliette. Meanwhile, there’s a spark between Madison and Brandon. However, canvas sees it more like a summer fling. At the time, Madison and Kelsey receive a Modelling contract in NY. While both away from the show, Brandon makes a mistake.

Later, Maddison invites Ben to Alex’s Party in the season finale. Brandon tries to make amends with Madison by playing an emotional card. On the other hand. Juliette and Alex’s relationship goes through a rough stage where both take a break. Alex flirts with Kelsey while Juliette gets cozy with Garet However, things didn’t work out. Will Alex and Juliette’s relationship last? Or With whom Maddison will go?

Siesta key Season 5 release date

Brandon and Garrett

In Season two starts, things go smoothly with Alex and Juliette’s relationship until Juliette finds something devastating about Alex. Turns out Alex cheated on Juliette, due to which she breaks up with him. However, Alex tries to re-enter Juliette’s life by sending expensive gifts on her birthday. On the other hand, Maddison is confused about Ben. She sets boundaries until he commits, in the meantime she agrees to star in Brandon’s music video which upsets Ben. 

On the other hand, Cara and Garrett’s relationship goes through many ups and downs. In the end, Cara confronts Garrett about his and Kelsey’s relationship. Another discovery by Chloe is about Ben sexting someone behind Madison’s back. 

In season three, Drama on the island reaches another level when Juliette returns with her new boyfriend, Robby & Maddison with her new Younger boyfriend, Ish. However ‘Madison’s father disproves Ish which creates tension between them. They break up, later in the season gets back together, and plans to leave Siesta key. 

siesta key season 5 release date

Shooting of Siesta Key

In the meantime, Alex sends Juliette’s messages to Robby, which ends up in their breakup. Alex is in a happy relationship with Alyssa and in the end, both announce their pregnancy. After hearing this Juliette is devastated however, she moves on by focusing on her career. Later, she gets cozy with her new boyfriend, Sam. Kelsey is jealous of Juliette’s career opportunities while she breaks up with Jared. At the finale, Alex and Sam come face to face & Kelsey spreads rumors about Juliette and Sam. 

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Siesta Key Season 4 recap:

Season four had quite a dramatic ending, maybe that’s why we are eagerly waiting for season five. Well, we know everything about Kelsey and Juliette’s cold war. How they both went from being best friends to resenting each other. However, in season four their resentment turned into an unspoken battle. On the other side, Madison and Ish are forced to face their relationship problems.

Meanwhile, Brandon is ready to take responsibility as a father with Delainey. However, he is determined to win Camilla back. Juliette moved in with Sam this season. Sam threw a launch party for Juliette’s swimwear, however, Juliette gave a shoot-out to Kelsey’s swimwear too. But Kelsey is convinced that just her plan to make goodwill. Later, Maddison invites Cara back on the island with which no one is happy or interested. in the meantime, Amanda and tata grow closer however Tata’s secret starts planting doubts in Amanda’s mind.

siesta key season 5 release date

Siesta key

Juliette leaves the set temporarily to clear her mind and returns later in the season. She tries to make amends with Kelsey and is determined to restore her friendship. Soon, Brandon and Jordana’s relationship is also revealed in the show. Maddison and Ish throw a party to make a surprise announcement of their pregnancy. Later, Lindsey with other members is tensed with cameras following them everywhere however, in the end, it’ll boost their career. With this ending ‘Lindsey announces that the show will be back this year. So fingers crossed!

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Siesta Key Cast:

Siesta Key Cast is more like participants whose lives are filmed on the island. The Cast includes Julliette Porter, Alex Kompothecras, Madison Hausburg, Brandon Gomes, Kelsey Owens, Garrett Miller, Chloe Trautman, Amanda Miller, Sam Logan & Camilla Cattaneo. These are the main cast who have been in the show throughout four seasons except Alex who wasn’t on the show in season four. 

Siesta key Season 5 release date

Cast of Siesta key

There are some recurring Cast members too, who were recurred in season four. They were Joe Jenkins, Jordana Barnes, Makenna Quesenberry, Max Strong, Serena Kerrigan & Cara Geswelli. Many cast members gained massive love from the audience and some received mixed reviews. 

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Siesta Key Season 5 Release Date

This Florida-based reality show is more like a drama series for us and now, it’s back with season five. According to Lindsey, the show was supposed to make a comeback with season five this year. Well, let’s hope that she’s positive about this news because MTV hasn’t released any official notice yet! Siesta Key season 5 Release date is not revealed yet.

MTV released the season four Episode 14 promo leaving the fans with a hope of a comeback. Later, the episode of Siesta Key Season four got aired on Match 10, i.e Thursday at @9 p.m ET/PT. The episode was named as ’24 and still a mess’ which gained massive views. However, there is no such information available on Siesta Key Season five. It’s a guess that the show’s latest season is under review although it’s pretty sure they won’t leave their fans to wonder for long. 

Originally, Siesta key is premiered on the MTV channel. However, those who miss it can watch it on other platforms. First Choice is Amazon Prime and the second is Youtube. Although, in both cases, you need to buy a subscription. There is a site on MTV too, where you can watch Siesta Key and other shows too! 

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Siesta Key Filming Locations:

By watching the show, we know the shooting took place somewhere exotic. The Scenarios says it all, however, Siesta’s key filming location is in Sarasota. The filming started in 2017 when the producers came on board. One of the producers is Dr. Gary Kompothecras whose son Alex Kompothecras was a contestant too. However, due to some legal charges, he didn’t make an appearance in season four.

Sarasota is a beautiful city in Florida’s Gulf Coast surrounded by Tampa Bay Area from the south, Fort Myers & Punta Gorda from the north. The city has Humid Subtropical Climate. One of the main sources of economy for the city is the companies situated there. Apart from this, Sarasota is an attractive spot for tourists to consider its Circus at the Ringling Museum, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Mote Marine Laboratory Aquarium, Big Cat Habitat, and Gulf Coast Sanctuary, Sarasota Classic Car Museum, and Myakka River State Park.

siesta key season 5 release date


These are some famous tourists spots because of which Sarasota is popular among people. However, one of the reasons behind its popularity is Siesta Key shooting too. Many civilians who live there post random stuff for the fans also. Not only that, they get to watch the live shooting and meet their favorite cast members. All we can hope is that the Siesta Key season 5 shooting starts super soon and the official announcement will be made.

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