Siesta Key Season 2: Release Date And Update

Siesta Key Season 2

American reality TV series Siesta Key ended this year with the final episode aired last March 5. Almost half a year after the show ended, fans are still waiting for the next season. Will there be another season for the show? When would be the release date and who will remain among the cast? Here’s everything we know so far in Siesta Key Season 2.

Siesta Key Season 2 Release Date

In the last episode of Siesta Key Season 2, we saw an epic fight between Alex and Juliette. Fans can’t get enough and wants to see what happened after the first season. There’s still no news from MTV if they decided to give this show another season. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no update from the TV cast.

The information about the show is scarce, and there’s no assurance that the show is getting another season. However, it seems like Julie Porter just released a spoiler that another season could be up and is being filmed. Near the end of May, she posted a story on her Instagram account showing a short video clip with Madison Hausburg hanging on a boat. The most interesting thing is that they are hanging on with an unnamed male character.

There’s a TV camera that can be seen in the background of the video. The post itself has a caption of “It’s not all sunshine in Siesta Key.” The cast might be in the production stage and is filming a scene with a new member of the cast. When Chloe Trautman was asked on her Instagram live about how crazy would season 2 would be, she answered “YES TIMES 6 MILLION! Are you all ready?”

If the filming started a few months after the show ended, we might see another season by the end of this year or sometime next year. It is worthy to note that there’s still no official announcement by MTV, so the best thing we could do is to wait for an announcement.

Siesta Key Season 2 Update

We followed Alex Kompothecras, Brandon Gomes, Chloe Trautman, Garrett Miller, Juliette Porter, Kelsey Owens, and Madison Hausburg in the first season of Siesta Key. If things went out well with these seven stars, then we might see them all in the following season. We would all want to look out for another member of the crew. We would inform you if new information shows up about Siesta Key Season 2.


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