‘Showtime Begins’ Episode 5 Release Date: Love Triangle Takes Place Even Before Love Story Begins

Showtime Begins Episode 5
Showtime Begins Episode 5

Showtime Begins Episode 5 is coming soon with a love triangle! Finally, things have started to change between Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae. The duo successfully catch Black Hit hacker and ease Grandfather Kim Sun Bok’s afterlife journey. The latest Episode also uncovers a little about Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae’s past lives. The story reveals that the two knew each other in their previous lives, where Ko Seul Hae even saved his life. Therefore, it shows that past incidences will play a crucial role in this fantasy romance tale.

Meanwhile, Shaman Na Geum Ok, who used to serve Cha Cha Woong’s grandfather, feels ominous energy and decides to move to Seoul with his granddaughter, Cheon Ye Ji. Her feelings might be right. After all, the evil spirit from ten years has emerged again. And this time, his target is none other than Yang Tae Choon. While fishing with his father and his father’s friends, they catch the old sealed bottle where the evil spirit is locked. However, with the full moon coming closer, its energy gets stronger. And before he can even understand, the evil spirit possesses Yang Tae Choon’s body.

On one side, evil has appeared, while on the other side, love is also blooming. Despite his cold nature, Cha Cha Woong accompanies Ko Seul Hae to the cemetery to see if they can meet her father’s spirit. But how will Cha Cha Woong react after learning about Ko Seul Hae’s father’s identity in Showtime Begins Episode 5?

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Preview Of Ep 5 – Love Triangle Takes Place Even Before Love Story Begins

The preview of Showtime Begins Episode 5 is already out! Finally, love seems to flourish in Cha Cha Woong’s life. However, even before he can make a move, a love rival appears. Although Seo Hee Soo may not have shown any interest in Ko Seul Ho until now, it must be something related to his father’s wish. However, seeing Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae together, Seo Hee Soo will make a move on her. After all, he wants to protect her. Therefore, he may do a background check on Cha Cha Woong. The preview reveals that Seo Hee Soo discovers how Cha Cha Woong’s grandfather is connected to Ko Seul Hae’s father.

Showtime Begins Episode 5
Cr: Viu

Meanwhile, Cha Cha Woong also learns about Ko Seul Hae’s father. He knew that his grandfather was accused of murdering a police officer. And unfortunately, that police officer was none other than Ko Seul Hae’s father. Therefore, there is a chance that he may try to maintain distance from her. But things may not turn out as he wants. Unknowingly, he has begun to fall for her. Therefore not meeting her will lead to moody and sulky Cha Cha Woong. Even her ghost employees will try to cheer him up. Not to forget, there is Seo Hee Soo, who will warn him to stay away from Ko Seul Hae.

However, not everything can go as per one’s wish. The preview reveals that Ko Seul Hae will participate in Cha Cha Woong’s magic show, and this will bring them closer. But can Cha Cha Woong really forget their entangled past and fall for Ko Seul Hae in From Now On, Showtime! Episode 5?

From Now On Showtime Episode 5
Cr: Viu

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Showtime Begins Episode 5 Release Date

Showtime Begins Episode 5 will be released on 7 May 2022 at 8:40 pm KST on the MBC channel. Little by little, things are changing between Cha Cha Woong and Ko Seul Hae. Even Ko Seul Hee’s childhood crush Seo Hee Soo seems to bother by the duo’s closeness. How will their love story begin when a love triangle has already taken place? Therefore, to know how this fantasy love tale starts, watch every new Episode of From Now On, Showtime! every Saturday and Sunday.

Watch From Now On, Showtime! Korean Drama Ep 5 Online – Streaming Details

The kdrama is broadcasting on the MBC network at 8:40 pm KST for domestic viewers. Afterward, it will be available on Wavve. Ep 5 will be out on the same day at 11:40 am in the UK, 7:40 am in the UK, 10:40 pm in Australia, and 5:10 pm in India. It is also streaming on Rakuten Viki, ViuTV, and Vuclip with English Subtitles for global viewers.

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