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Top 7 Shows Like Lucifer To Watch Right Now!

Shows Like Lucifer To Watch

Lucifer has been going strong for a long while now with its many seasons uploaded on the streaming giant Netflix. The show is pretty famous among the fans for portraying those dark vibes which we could not get anywhere else. Lucifer is a concept adapted from DC Comics, and this character was developed by Neil Gaiman as well as Sam Keith. Originally, there was no solo comic about Lucifer. The character has originated from The Sandman tale and soon enough, was loved by the audience. This is why a show where he is the protagonist is currently running, and we can not get enough of it already. The plot of the series is, of course, about the character Lucifer and how he was sent straight out of heaven for causing chaos.

This might suggest that Lucifer was initially an angel living in heaven but went evil after being kicked out. He soon enough establishes himself in the form of the king of evilness, and his job is to punish people who are evil (Ironic). Lucifer is considered the Lord of Hell. But at one point in time, he gets tired of the life he has been living and thus, tries to add some spice to it. He decides to leave Hell and puts it in charge of his father, that is, God, and abandons his kingdom.

He relocates to Los Angeles and starts his own nightclub called Lux. This is the point where the whole drama is created. It comes along with a high level of chaos that is created when Lucifer finds himself involved in a murder investigation. Here, he stumbles across Chole Decker, who is investigating the whole case. From a bar owner to a consultant in the Los Angeles Police Department, Lucifer surely did find his way through things. He helped Chloe in finding the real murderer of the case because well, he is Lucifer and he has powers to do so by manipulating individuals into confessing their crimes. But what happens in the show is that Lucifer finds himself becoming someone who he is not.

Someone who is opposite from the Devil and actually nice. But there are some complications to this which you know if you have watched the entire show. Also, a new season of Lucifer is supposed to drop out on the 28th of May 2021. Till then, here we have wrapped up a little list of shows that you guys can binge watch while waiting for the new installment of Lucifer to drop out.

1. The Vampire Diaries

There is literally no need for me to compare the show to Lucifer because we all know the concepts that are portrayed by the two. The Vampire Diaries excels in that supernatural and fantasy genre that is displayed by Lucifer. Just like that, there is no need for an introduction of any kind to tell you what this show is all about. Well, in case you have never heard, then this series starts with the story of Elena Gilbert, who lives in Mystic Falls, a fictional town located in Virginia. She is a teenage orphan girl who has lost both of her parents and attends her high school as a normal kid would. But one day, her world is rocked when she finds herself falling in love with a vampire, and of course, she does not know yet that he is a vampire.

This is where the story begins to blow your mind with the entry of Stefan’s older brother, that is, Damon Salvatore. Damon is in love with Katherine Pierce, who strangely looks exactly like Elena, and he wants to bring her back to life. This creates complications because if Katherine is brought back, then other vampires too will come out, and humanity will be put in jeopardy. The whole town has a history of supernatural beings which soon enough unfolds as the show starts to develop. Even Damon falls in love with Elena, and this creates a love triangle between the three. Also, Damon and Stefan both try to protect Elena from the dangerous forces that are bound to attack.

Shows Like Lucifer To Watch

Damon, Elena, and Stefan from The Vampire Diaries

2. The Magicians

The fantasy elements covered up in The Magicians are almost similar to those in Lucifer. The main spotlight is shed upon Quentin Coldwater who decides that he will attend Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. But things took a 180 degree turn when he actually starts attending school. It is when he realizes that everything he used to know as a child from his favorite storytime book is actually real and has the potential danger to humanity. This is when the story starts and tells us about the various antagonists listed as villains.

Also, Julia is a childhood friend of Quentin who is pretty upset over the fact that she was not allowed to enter the premise of this magical land. This is why she starts her own journey in search of magic somewhere out of this school. But given the fact that danger can follow anywhere, we will witness Julia falling into the wrong hands at some moments. The show has been created by Syfy and adapts its story from the novel penned down by Lev Grossman, which goes by the same name. The series started airing back in 2015 and gave away its five seasons till 2020. Thus, there is plenty of content for you to watch if you ever decide to start The Magicians.

Shows Like Lucifer To Watch

A still from The Magicians

3. Supernatural

There is no denying in the fact that if a person has loved Lucifer, they are also going to adore Supernatural. I mean, its title itself suggests all the fantasy as well as drama genres listed inside it that come as a package deal with action as well as adventure and mystery as well as horror. When you start watching Supernatural, you will realize that hitting the stop button and getting your eyes off the screen was never an option. The plot is capable of keeping you hooked on its concept one after the other.

The main protagonists are two brothers, that is, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester, whose job is to hunt down ghosts as well as demons and monsters who are trying to invade humanity and cause chaos in the lively settlements of humans. They even go on and kill the supernatural beings wherever they are located. This series is kind of a drama where every tike, a new villain enters the series who is more powerful than the previous one. It judges the capability of our heroes to keep calm in society and tackle their business. Just like Lucifer, the show also has a storyline where the characters develop through their respective arcs within the story but didn’t expect it.

Shows Like Lucifer To Watch

A poster from Supernatural

4. The Umbrella Academy

In Lucifer, we see that the hero is Lucifer Morningstar himself as the story goes on and about him as we keep on enjoying it. If one protagonist can give so much entertainment to you, imagine having seven. This is what the whole concept of The Umbrella Academy is. The Netflix series throws light on seven children who were born exactly at 12:00 PM on the 1st of October 1989. Their mothers have never shown any sign of being pregnant until they were put in labor. This is when Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopts seven of these children and turns this team into The Umbrella Academy. Well, not to give away any more spoilers for this amazing series, we shall describe the tedious plot that Netflix has come up with in this show. The Umbrella Academy plays with time in the second season.

Although the first season is pretty much set in the real world, it is in its conclusion that we see the whole academy going back to 1983 in order to set things straight with their father. Although, problems happen when each of them drops out in a different year and start to settle themselves in this timeline. Five spread awareness among the siblings regarding the fact that an apocalypse is soon to happen, and no matter how much they try to escape it, the answers are with Reginald Hargreeves, their deceased father. Now, if you loved Lucifer, the first thing you should do is hop onto Netflix and watch The Umbrella Academy till the next season drops.

5. Locke and Key

When it comes to amazing all the fans with its fictional content, then Netflix never falls short. Just above, we discussed The Umbrella Academy, which shares its fantasy genre roots with Lucifer, but there is another show, Locke and Key, which does the same. This series came out back in 2020 and threw light on three siblings who relocate after their father is murdered. Rendell Locke was a professor, but he was viciously killed by his student named Sam Lesser. The family, including the mother, decides to move to Matheson from Seattle and take shelter in the family home of their father called the Keyhouse. Starting with Bode, the children start to uncover various supernatural keys located in the house that all have different purposes. They all can do magic in their own way and unlock doors. But, the main antagonist of the show soon comes forward, who also wants to take these keys away from the Locke siblings for their own interests. If anyone is wondering, the show is available to watch on Netflix.

6. The Good Place

When you hear the word Lucifer, the first thing that comes to your mind is death. Well, The Good Place deals with death too but in an evolved fashion that is not dark. The show has listed fantasy as its main genre and at one point, even will aspire you to become a good person. The show deals with the concept of hell and heaven by dubbing it The Bad Place and The Good Place. The people who have now deceased will be awarded points regarding their morality done in their life, and the ones with the highest of them will only be sent to A Good Place. The show evolves in a very intriguing fashion where it tells its story by having five main characters who are stuck to change the whole categorizing system.

We see that a devil from The Bad Place named Micahel designs a neighborhood in such a way that it looks like A Good Place but actually is placed to mentally torture the four humans. Here, Eleanor Shellstrop is sent to this experimental land along with three others and including Jason. Now, she knows how bad she had been in her life, and thus, a ticket to a good place is out of her reach. The same is the case with Jason, who thinks that they have been sent to the wrong place. Throughout the episodes, the series takes interesting plot twists, just like we have seen in Lucifer but in a good way.

Shows Like Lucifer To Watch

Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason from A Good Place

7. The Originals

This show is a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries. The show was created in order to explore various concepts that were already posed by its parent series and thus, focuses on how Klaus Michaelson is able to survive. This creature is a hybrid of vampires as well as the werewolf and has a completely different concept to what The Vampire Diaries had. We see how Klaus is getting deeper into the danger once his family has started the supernatural politics in New Orleans, and the members are now getting all tangled up in the aftermath of it. This family is also known as The Originals because they were the first vampires to be ever created in the history of vampires. Klaus hooked up with Hayley, who is now pregnant with his child, and decided to settle in New Orleans without knowing that Klaus also is here. The three siblings then wage wars as well as cold conflicts in order to get the hold of the city back from the other vampires who are now dominating the land. But, this war could be deadly because, obviously, it will involve vampires as well as the witches and the werewolves.

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