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Top TV Shows Like Gangs of London To Watch

People who have already watched Gangs of London in the British media are well aware of the fact that this series is as amazing as you can expect anything to be. The entire course of the show provides you the thrill which you might have been longing for and never lets your mind strut away from the main plot. Gangs of London has been produced by Pulse Films and Sister, and its main genres include action as well as crime which comes along with loads and loads of drama. The entire concept of the series is about the criminal organizations that are present in London currently.

Well, we know how it has been over a year that the first installment of the show came out on Sky Atlantic. No doubt that Gangs of London was so popular given the fact that it has been created by Gareth Evans, who excels in creating series specialized in the action areas. The success of the show was so vast that even AMC had to step in so as to take over the broadcast rights in the United States. The second season of Gangs of London has already been greenlit by the creators. Even AMC is set to co-produce this new installment along with Pulse Films and Sister.

As we know, London is a city with a variety of cultures mixed together and living under the same roof. But Gangs of London tell us how the terror emerged inside of this place because of the international gangs that are responsible for controlling the whole city. The public became aware of these attacks when the head of the most powerful crime family in the city was murdered. It was Finn ace who literally ruled the crime lands in the city for over 20 years. The show starts from the point where we see that he has died, but nobody actually has any idea about how this has happened. Gangs of London revolves around this mystery and tells us how the people were most affected during these gang wars. His son, Sean Wallace, has now ascended the throne his father once used to sit upon and will stop at nothing to find out about the killer of his father. If you are someone who has already finished watching the first season and are desperately waiting for the second one to come out, then we understand your pain. Thus, here we have wrapped up some of the shows that resemble Gangs of London in its concept and form, which you can watch to kill time till the next season finally drops out.

Shows Like Gangs of London To Watch

Gangs of London


Talk about the crime genre that was included in Gangs of London, and the first thing that anyone could talk about will be Undercover. This show comes from Belgium and showcases a somewhat similar property to the one which we have seen in Gangs of London. This show, more or less, is inspired by true events and all this while has a cast list studded with stars. When you start streaming Undercover, you will find out how taking off the eyes from your screen is something that you never thought could be this hard.

The plot is promised to keep you hooked from the moment it starts its story. The main plot revolves around the agents who have gone undercover who will stop at nothing in order to fail the operations and plans of a drug kingpin located in Limburg. It might not sound so thrilling right now when you are just reading its review, but when the show is set up on your screen, and you sit back to watch it, you will realize each second that the entire series is worth it. Limburg happens to be a Dutch province in London which is often linked to all these gang wars. The whole story throws light on two agents, that is, Bob Lemmens as well as Kim de Rooij. The drama comes along with the crime and entertains you to your very core when these two agents are seen chilling as a couple at the campground. Why do you ask? It is because the drug kingpin also is popular for spending his free time at this place.


If you loved the thrill that came along with watching Gangs of London, then there is no way in heaven that you will not like the whole concept of McMafia. The show again comes from Britain, and its main genres are crime as well as drama. This series has been created by Hossein Amini along with James Watkins. The whole story has been adapted from a book called McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld, which has been penned down by Misha Glenny back in 2008. Now, the main plot revolves around Alex Godman who is the son of a Russian mafia boss but has been raised in London through the British culture.

But Alex soon enough realizes that his father does not want to continue with the crimes he has been a part of for years and thus, is trying to escape it all. But when you are skinny deep in the mafia world, we all know how tough it gets pretty tough to get your hands out of the water. This is what is happening to Alex’s father. The show is many like Gangs of London but comes along with a moral lesson too which adds that necessary spice in the show which we all desperately needed but never knew. The series came out on television back in 2018 along with a cast list that starred actor James Norton in the role of Alex Godman. You all should definitely check the show out if Gangs of London was your jam, and you loved the scenes where the majority of the beauty of this city was captured. McMafia does the same with the visuals and leaves you with a satisfactory feeling.

Shows Like Gangs of London To Watch



Now, if you are looking for something that resonates with Gangs of London but is not British, then Warrior is a show you guys should surely watch once. This series has been created in America and mostly focuses on the crimes as well as drama caused by the martial arts. The concepts shed light on some instances from the life of Bruce Lee and how managed to grow through the years. Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce, has stepped forward to produce Warrior. Well, you might be wondering what is the plot of this television series like.

So, the first thing you should know is a timeline that is set in the late 1870s while the location is San Francisco. The main character is Ah Sahm, who belongs to China and is a prodigy in martial arts. He wants to find his sister and thus emigrates from his home country and comes to America. But his fate does not let him be at peace when he gets sold at one of the powerful tongs in China Town. Well, this is the point where the story actually begins. Just like the gangs in Gangs of London, here we have the powerful Tongs who fight against each other so as to assert dominance. If this is what you liked about the Gangs of London, then Warrior is a flipped version of the show which you are going to love. Till now, we have had two seasons of the series with us.

Shows Like Gangs of London To Watch


The Outsider

Well, if you want to watch something that is quite like Gangs of London but wraps up in a short while but also tells an amazing story, then The Outsider will surely be your jam. This show literally has so many genres that it leaves such an amazing aftertaste when you have watched it whole. The first and the most important concept covered is a crime as well as drama, but it also comes along with thrill and horror, and psychology. Stephan King jas penned down the novel of the same name back in 2018, on which this series is entirely based.

Despite the fact that there are just ten episodes of the series, they all provide brief details about the characters and serve the best visuals which could be employed in a miniseries. The story starts in Georgia where we find out that a body lies covered in saliva as well as bite marks. Could this be the doing of a human? A monster? An animal? No one knows. But what the citizens of this state should keep in mind is to stay as alert as possible. There surely are not alleged gang wars involved in the shoe because come on, the story is by Stephen King. But if you want a new take on something that is similar to what Gangs of London was, then my friend, The Outsider will not disappoint you.


Well, this is that one franchise that is going to serve you everything that Gangs of London had to offer but in a better way. There are so many forms of this story told and even has spinoffs, so this means you will be settled for a long time before you even think about searching for a new show. It could be seen that the main protagonist of Narcos is Pablo Escobar who started his business back in the 79s when he learned how to create cocaine. The story is sure about him but what is interesting is the perspective. Every time we generally have someone new to tell this person’s story but it also evolves with their own and it all gets very special at one point in time.

The series has come forth with the drug lords much like how we saw the gangs in Gangs of London and it never fails to amaze us. There are wars, of course, and crime as well as drama are some themes of the show that gets too exquisite at one point. Netflix was very interested in the series after its success among the people and ordered a show of their own based on its concepts called Narcos: Mexico. Well, if this does not suggest enough evidence for you to finally watch this series, then I have no idea what will. Even the police task force is involved in order to prevent Pablo from sending the drugs over to the United States and it all gets very interesting to watch.


The show, just like Gangs of London is a British drama and serves us right where we want it to be. The show was initially released on BBC Two but later was provided to an international audience through Netflix. As you all might have already guessed, there are some Japanese bits to Girl/Haji as well. The main themes of this series include action as well as drama, just what we are looking for. Now, the plot is quite spectacular when it comes to a detective from Tokyo. His name s Kenzo Mori and he has lost his brother Yuto whose whereabouts suggest that he might be in London. Previously, everyone thought that Yuto might be dead but when you will watch the show, it suggests how the whole thing was faked and Kenzo being an excellent detective, catches the flaws. Gang wars in Tokyo could start as the dignity of a Yakuza member is at stake. It has been wildly rumored that his nephew has been killed by Yuto. Now, Kenzo has relocated himself to London in order to find his brother and get answers to all his queries.

But this land is of course new to him and it gets intriguing when we watch him navigate his journey through the streets of London. While he is in this new city, Kenzo stumbles upon DC Sarah Weitzman who is from the Metropolitan Police. New characters come along the way as the story progresses and we see that Kenzo also has some contacts with Rodney Yamaguchi who himself is half Japanese and half British but works in the adult industry. All this while, there is a lot of pressure on Kenzo’s shoulders. First, he has to find his brother but also has to work in order to support his family back home in Tokyo. The whole story gets tacky once Kenzo decides to dive deeper into the whole quest. His life too is set on the rack if does not hurry up because the dangerous elements of the criminal underworld have started to show their true colors. The show more or less is about the gangs in London but with a Japanese spice and if you loved watching Gangs of London, then Girl/Haji is something you will love.

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