‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Ending Explained: Who Killed Mi Ra?

Show window The Queen's house final
Show window The Queen's house final

The ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ story started with a perfect family with a loving husband and wife. No one imagined that Myung Seop will cheat on his wife as he had everything a person could want. Sun Joo comes from a wealthy family who wants someone to be a loyal employee for the family. This is the reason her mother agrees to Sun Joo and Myung Seop’s marriage. However, the ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ ending brought all the complications that are involved in the LaReine company and power dynamic among Sun Joo, Myung Seop, and Mi Ra.

Myung Seop meets Mi Ra at the company site, and they fall in love. He helps her to get away from her abusive uncle, who stole her parent’s factory. Sun Joo has no idea about her husband’s affair. When Mi Ra finds out about Sun Joo’s happy life, she is provoked to know her better. In the process, she takes a few missteps, and Sun Joo finds out about her and Myung Seop’s affair. Even then, she decides to give him another chance for her family’s sake. However, he breaks her trust once more, and she decides to end her marriage for good.

‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Synopsis

Sun Joo comes from a rich and reputed family. Her mother is the CEO of the LaReine group that trades in the field of fashion. Sun Joo’s husband, Myung Seop is the President of the company, but he has always been undervalued by everyone. This feeling always stays with him, leading to him having an affair with a fashion designer named Mi Ra. He meets her when she is at her lowest, and they fall in love, but they couldn’t truly be together because of Myung Seop’s family.

Mi Ra tries to know Sun Joo a little better by creating fake coincidences. As they spend more time together, Sun Joo thinks of Mi Ra as her sister. When she finds out that Mi Ra is having an affair with her husband, she snaps and warns her to stay away from him. However, she refuses to accept her decree as Mi Ra is pregnant with Myung Seop’s child. When Sun Joo hears about this, she loses her focus for a second, and they get into a car accident. Later, Mi Ra finds out that she has lost her baby, but she keeps telling everyone that she is still pregnant. When Myung Seop finds out about this, he leaves Mi Ra and focuses on his family.

Show window episode 16
Show window episode 16

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Mi Ra Returns To Take Her Revenge

After Myung Seop breaks his relationship with Mi Ra, Sun Joo thinks that her family is safe. After a few years, Mi Ra returns as Jung Won’s girlfriend. Sun Joo is shocked to see this, and she tries to threaten Mi Ra. However, it does not go as planned, and Mi Ra refuses to leave her brother. Sun Joo decides to go in a different direction and tries to convince her brother to break up with Mi Ra. Jung Won does not take this advice well and reveals that he will never leave Mi Ra as he loves her and plans to marry her.

On the other hand, Myung Seop is jealous of Mi Ra and Jung Won’s relationship. He is still attracted to Mi Ra, so he tells her to not ruin their memories. Everyone from their family goes to a retreat, and Mi Ra is also a part of the trip. After everyone is asleep, Mi Ra and Myung Seop meet at the garage shed and embrace each other romantically. Unfortunately, Sun Joo catches them and leaves without telling anyone. She decides to divorce Myung Seop and push him out of her family’s company.

Myung Seop Makes A Power Move

As Sun Joo’s mother is sick, Myung Seop put his plan to cease power into action. He decides to take the CEO’s position for himself, but Sun Joo becomes the acting CEO. To make his wife understand her place, he starts to plan out strikes and contract breaches, and ultimately this leads to her giving up her position. When Sun Joo’s mother Kang Im finds out about all this, she tells Myung Seop to get out of her company and family. However, she is arrested for fabricating money transaction records and corruption.

All this is planned by Mi Ra and Myung Seop, and this makes Sun Joo desperate to agree to whatever Myung Seop wants. Later, when she finds out that her daughter witnessed Myung Seop kissing Mi Ra at their house, she is devastated. She changes her plan of action and decides not to divorce Myung Seop. She acts to be a happy and content wife who wants to save her family at any cost. However, everything changes when someone murders Mi Ra at Sun Jun’s house on the occasion of her wedding anniversary.

Myung Seop dies
Myung Seop dies

‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Ending Explained

As the police arrive at the scene, the first suspect is Sun Joo. She is the one who discovers Mi Ra’s body and is covered in her blood. The police arrests her under the charges of attempted murder as Mi Ra is still in a coma. The second suspect is Jung Won, as he was engaged to Mi Ra. When he finds out that she is having an affair with his brother-in-law he breaks up with her. Later, he helps Sun Joo to create a gap between Myung Seop and Mi Ra.

Myung Seop thinks that Mi Ra sold Victoria’s shoe designed to the Chinese traders, and she is hiding the original art gallery transactions from him. He decides to send her away while the controversy is still hot, but she decides to stay back. She asks Young Hoon to help her as they both have the same goal. However, when she finds out that he plans to stop her, she decides to ditch him and execute the plan herself. Sun Joo is the one who invites Mi Ra to her wedding anniversary as she wants the original transactions from her. She tells her that she will divorce Myung Seop only if Mi Ra hands her the proof.

Who Killed Mi Ra?

Sun Joo secures the gallery transactions and frees her mother. When Kang Im returns to the company, she tells Myung Seop to get divorced, and she will give him the apparel department as alimony. The tables turn when Myung Seop shows Kang Im the proof that Sun Joo murdered Mi Ra. He threatened her to hand over the company or else he will disclose this to the police. When Kang Im tells this to Sun Joo she is shocked, but she asks her to go along with Myung Seop’s plan.

While all of this is going on, no one other than Myung Seop knows that Mi Ra is still alive. Everything goes according to Myung Seop’s plan, and he becomes the Chairman of the LaReine company. Later, he meets a Chinese trader who claims that he is the one who leaked the list of the other traders. Myung Seop tells him to get him the original list by the next day, and he will compensate him handsomely for it. While having this conversation, he does not know that there is a bug planted in the room, and Jung Won is listening to everything.

Mi Ra kills Myung Seop
Mi Ra kills Myung Seop

A Happy Ending

It is Myung Seop who stabbed Mi Ra the first time, and he tries to kill her again when she threatens to kill him. He writes a suicide note and submerges her in the bathtub. Thankfully, Jung Won arrives at Mi Ra’s apartment on time and saves her from dying. Later, Mi Ra’s uncle is supposed to kill Jung Won, but when he finds out that Myung Seop is the one who stabbed his niece, he helps Sun Joo.

Sun Joo brings Myung Seop back to her house and ties him up. As they are arguing, Mi Ra walks into the room and stabs Myung Seop to death. In the investigation, she lies, saying that she wanted to kill Sun Joo but mistakenly stabbed Myung Seop. Finally, Myung Seop dies, Sun Joo’s family acquires LaReine again, and Mi Ra is in jail. At the end of ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ ending explained article we see that after many years, Sun Joo and Mi Ra meet again in a market and talk to each other like good friends. Sun Joo is happy to see Mi Ra free and content, and they hope to meet again in the future.

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