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Sex/Life Season 2: Should We Expect It?

Sex/Life Season 2: Should We Expect It?
From The Official Trailer of Sex/Life Featuring Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly

Looking for some steamy romance this weekend, well, Netflix fulfilled many fans’ wishes in the form of Sex/Life. The show is out there to stream with all eight episodes intact. You can head to Netflix right now. Stacy Rukeyser created the comedy-drama taking inspiration from the novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton. Starring Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel, and Adam Demos in the leads, the show is going quite strong for the lovers of rom-com. The thing is, it ended on a cliffhanger, leaving a number of questions to answer. So here we are breaking down the possibilities of Sex/Life Season 2 and what could be next for the show.

Sex/Life follows a married woman trying to kick her young teenage fantasies on again. This unexpectedly finds her in a love triangle with her husband and ex, eventually having her confused. The show ended up hitting up questions. One of them being is Sarah going back to her ex Brad forever, leaving her perfect and happily married behind. All because she wanted to have some good time with her husband, which he couldn’t give. Plus, she couldn’t talk to him about it. Will we get those answers? Well, let’s find out.

Sex/Life Season 2 Release Date – Will There Be A Second Season?

Well, we have to say it all depends on how long Sex/Life Season 1 could stay afloat. At the moment, there is no official announcement of Netflix renewing Sex/Life Season 2. But if Sex/Life does perform well, Netflix might consider giving it another run. Right at the moment, the series is gaining much-needed attraction. But it has to keep up the attraction for at least a month. As we all know, Netflix relies heavily on viewership rather than what people think about the show. If Sex/Life Season 1 goes great for a month, Netflix might call us in for Sex/Life Season 2.

Sex/Life Season 2: Should We Expect It?

From The Official Trailer of Sex/Life Featuring Sarah Shahi as Billie Connelly

Now coming to the release date of Sex/Life Season 2. If Sex/Life checks in all the above columns, then we can expect Sex/Life Season 2 a lot quickly. Unlike the first season that went through a rough time due to a pandemic, the same won’t be the problem with season two. With lighter rules, the production can be carried out way smoother. So expect Sex/Life Season 2 to come around the same time as Season 1, which is June 2022.

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Sex/Life Season 2 Plot – What Could Be The Show About?

Sex/Life Season 1 ended on quite a cliffhanger. Thus leaving room for the story to continue if Sex/Life Season 2 comes into play. So originally, we saw Billy Connelly longing for the days of youth. This fantasy of hers turned her perfectly married life around to the time she was the wild child. She started living two lives longing for love. First with her loyal husband Cooper and then her music producer ex-boyfriend Brad. She wanted the wildness in the bed, and she got that from Brad and started getting bored of Cooper.

Sex/Life Season 2: Should We Expect It?

From The Official Trailer of Sex/Life Featuring Mike Vogel as Cooper Connelly

Towards the end of the first season, she realized how she messed up by not talking about the problems she is having with Cooper. After all, he was all ready to help her. But she went the other way. Anyway, the ending saw her reconciling with her husband, Cooper. But at the end of the day, she wanted to go back to the start of the 10 years back. Thus she ran away back to Brad, which reignites the love triangle again.

Now the creator of Sex/Life Season 1, Stacy Rukeyser, says that yes, Billie is heading to Brad. But the thing is, we don’t know how Brad will react yet. At the moment, both want two completely different things. So there will be some mess despite Billie wanting to get together. Now that’s what Season 2 may focus on if Sex/Life returns for another run. Apart from that, we already know Cooper will stay angry as he did towards the end of the first season. So it would be worth watching how he reacts to this relationship further.

Sex/Life Season 2 Cast – Who May Return For Another Run?

The way Sex/Life Season 1’s ending sets up the scenario, we are expecting most of the cast to return. Especially our love triangle trio. Sarah Shahi will make her return to lead as Billie Connelly. Then we have Mike Vogel, who may return to play Sarah’s loyal husband, Cooper Connelly. Adam Demos may make his return as Billie’s ex Brad Simon. After all, he is the one she ran after at the end of the first season. Lastly, we may see some recurring names appear like Margaret Odette as Sasha Snow, Jonathan Sadowski as Devon, Meghan Heffernan as Caroline, Amber Goldfarb as Trina, and Li Jun Li as Francesca.

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