Shikizakura Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

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Shikizakura Episode 6

Shikizakura Episode 6 reveals Kakeru, Ryo, and Ibara heading out to face the Onis; Ibara told the Onis that they had encountered the dead end. Kakeru told Ryo to beat the Onis, but Ibara charged first and cut the front line of the Onis. Ryo follows after Kakeru’s orders and reveals his signatures moves. Kakeru was impressed and commented that Ryo is awesome. After defeating all the Onis, the two went back to the HQ and realized it was late. From Shikizakura’s latest episode, Kakeru decided to share his experience with others in the morning.

In the morning, Kaeda was excited to hear that Ryo teamed up with Kakeru well. Kaeda compliments the two, and Kakeru thinks that they make a good team. But Ryo can’t accept that since he has pride. Ryo knows that he is closer to lady Oka, and he doesn’t want to lose his position to a newcomer, Kakeru. On the first day they met with Kakeru, Ryo was against Kakeru’s idea to join them. But after he proved that he is a warrior, Ryo accepted him as a member of the team since he couldn’t let humans die at the hands of Oni.

Kaeda notices that Ryo is shy to accept Kakeru as his partner. They talked about slick moves and asked Kakeru where he learned them from. Kakeru recalls the day he was playing games with Kippei and realizes that he has learned those moves from there. Kippei told him that it was the key to victory, and Kakeru mastered that. Kakeru told the crew that he learned that from tv games, and Ryo wondered if it was a child play. The crew is not convinced that he learned them from tv games, and they notice a guy acting weird in the city.

Previously on Shikizakura Episode 5

The girl arrived and apologized to that guy and told him that it was a misunderstanding. She picked that guy, and they went away, and Kakeru and the others couldn’t believe that he was convinced easily. Ryo realizes that the Onis are taking advantage of weaklings, and they have to be careful and protect everyone. He told the crew about the gate between their realm and the nether realm that is getting thinner. Kakeru wonders if Ryo is saying that the world is in danger. But he knows that justice will prevail.

Shikizakura Episode 6

Kaeda reminds Kakeru not to act like a hero since they are not heroes. Kakeru believes that they can become heroes. But they wonder shat happens if they fail to save the vessel. Oka reveals that nothing good will come out of that, and Kakeru asks her to explain. But Ryo interferes and adds that they live to prevent that scenario. Kakeru agrees and adds that they live to protect everyone; Kaeda can’t believe that Kakeru always supports everything. Oka receives a signal and tells the crew that they have trouble.

The crew gets worried, but they get relieved after she tells them that her sister is coming. They both head home and clean the house, and it shines like a brand new how. Oka knows that his sister doesn’t stay in a dirty place, and everything has to be clean. The crew confirmed that everything was clean and shiny. They know that if they leave s a speck of dust, they will hear it from Oka’s sister. Kakeru was cleaning the bathroom and told the crew that he had finished and done the right job. Ryo adds that they are prepared for Oka’s sister’s arrival and prepare tea and snacks for them.

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Shikizakura Episode 6 Release Date

Shikizakura Episode 6 will release on 14 November 2021. They sit down waiting for her Kakeru realizes that he has never seen Oka’s sister and asks Oka to tell him about her. Oka reveals everything about her sister and that she is their boss and even higher than their manager. They call her Godsister, who watches over Black Team. Oka’s sister arrives and gives her gifts. Kakeru realizes that she is not even scary and he is lovely. They enjoy having her around and learn that she has met with Kakeru before arriving. Let’s look at Shikizakura Episode 6 official details.

Shikizakura Episode 6

Watch Shikizakura Episode 6 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Shikizakura Episode 6 online on ANIPLUS & HIDIVE on Sunday at 1:55 AM. Those in the UK and other countries failing to reach ANIPLUS and HIDIVE, not around Japan’s region, can watch Shikizakura Episode 6 online on Anime Digital Network & Bilibili TV. She is revealed to be Benio Myojin, and they later help each other battle the Onis. After the battle, they find that the Onis were targeting Ibara and Kakeru. Let’s meet when Shikizakura Episode 6 is released.

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