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Sherni Ending Explained – Did Vidya Manage To Save The Tigers?

What Went Down Toward The End Of Sherni?
From The Official Trailer OF Sherni

Brace yourselves as Vidya Balan brings a much-needed wild-life story in the form of Amazon Prime’s Sherni. The movie was released on the OTT platform on 18 June 2021. Since then, it has been garnering much praise for heartwrenching performances. With Amit V. Masurkar in the director’s chair, the movie quite reminds us of what Rajkumar Rao starring Newton was back in 2017. Sherni does roar and has a solid storyline to look after. But still, there are a few questions that may need answers towards the end of Sherni. Let it be if the Pintu Bhai getting the clean chit or cubs surviving? So anyway, let’s take a look at the Ending for Sherni after all.

Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, and Amit V. Masurkar have produced Sherni under the T-series banner. The film sees Vidya Balan playing the role of a forest officer in a National Park where Tiger Attacks have become common leading to havoc. Joining Vidya Balan, the movie also stars  Sharat Saxena, Vijay Raaz, Ila Arun, Brijendra Kala, Neeraj Kabi, and Mukul Chaddha. So anyway, let’s being with looking at what the movie was all about in the first place through our plot summary.

Sherni Plot Summary

Sherni tells a story from one of Madhya Pradesh’s National Park prone to a tiger attack. We have Vidya Vincent, who recently helmed the DFO position in the forest department and is quite passionate and honest about this work. Tiger Attack after Tiger attack sees the villagers scared while politics play in the game. The tiger is later identified as T-12. While one side of people wants the tigress to die, the other wants to save the tigress.

The Story Of Sherni

From The Official Trailer OF Sherni

Amidst this, Pintu Bhai is the one looking to up his score and satisfy his thirst for hunting by killing the T-12. He approaches Vidya, but she ultimately denies leading him to Bansal. Working with Hassan, a zoology professor, Vidya realizes that villages and people living amidst the forest is the reason behind tigers and wild animals coming across humans, leading them to kill. But this doesn’t stop the villagers and especially Pintu Bhai, from hunting the T-12 down. It’s Vidya vs. the system as the officials just want to support the public and often go against the rules. The question remains if Vidya can save the tigress in time or not.

Sherni Ending Explained

Did The Tigress Survive?

The villagers were already worried about the tiger attacks from T-12. They find a sixth body in turn. Despite being a Bear as an attacker this time, the villagers come to circle this is the tigress attacking. So after the Tigress attacks become big news amidst the media, the minister decides to pay a visit to the forest. He makes some considerable changes by letting Pintu Bhai hunt the tigress down. Plus Nangia is made in charge. Vidya argues, stating it’s a Bear attack trying to save the tigress. But that doesn’t work, as the minister is interested in more of the support of villagers to win the election.

Killing Of Tigress in Sherni

From The Official Trailer OF Sherni

Pintu Bhai begins his work on tracking the T-12 down in order to fulfill his desire and upping his score. Meanwhile, Vidya and her team do have plans to save the tigress as well. Soon the information on T-12 and her cubs arrive as both teams gear up. But unfortunately, the whole day goes to waste with no single sighting of the Tigress. A tip from locals leads Pintu towards the tigress.

Pintu’s team manages to spot the tigress, and he takes a shot at her at the killer. Then puts a dart on her. The next day Vidya questions this to Nangia, who gives a clean chit to Pinot. This further fuels her as she leaves, calling Nangia a coward. As Pintu celebrates with the villagers, Vidya struggles with the fact she couldn’t save the tigress. Furthermore, a resignation later also rings at her door, which signs leaving the forest but good news rings in too.

The Cubs and Vidya’s Future

Towards the ending of Sherni, good news rings from Jyoti to Vidya. She and her family and friends managed to find the cubs. Meanwhile, Nangia asks Pintu to hunt the cubs down too, but in complete silence. No media or politics. Pintu agrees, but it seems like he will never get a shot again. Vidya arrives to meet Jyoti and is happy to see the cubs alive and ultimately hugs Jyoti and thanks everyone for joining her.

Did Vidya Save The Cubs?

From The Official Trailer OF Sherni

The ending moments see the replacement of Vidya arrives. Gladly he is much like her and ready to fight the corrupt officials. How does that work for him after Vidya failing to do the same is something to see. Meanwhile, Vidya after her transfer, is working at an animal exhibition museum to close the movie. This was all a callback after her confrontation with Nangia. Anyway, the movie showcased how battling with the system in some areas is still not much useful. That’s all for the ending of Sherni,

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